How to Use an Android Spy App for Performing Digital Detox on Your Kids?

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How to Use an Android Spy App for Performing Digital Detox on Your Kids?

There is no doubt about the fact that the smartphones have made us less focused towards our primary goals of life. Looking for Facebook updates every once in a while, checking emails after regular intervals and tweeting just about anything that strikes our mind have become our key objectives and we are heading far away from the real lives.We have a plenty of anecdotes but the science of how staying connected to technology is impacting our behaviors is still in its infancy. In an article published on Huffington Post an issue was raised, whether or not social media is responsible for rise in narcissism, and it was concluded that apart from many other factors that promote narcissism, social media also has a role to play.

Moreover, many psychologists are also of the opinion that social media is causing insomnia in youth and is making our new generation less empathetic. Owing to this alarming situation, many parents have already taken measures to perform a daily digital detox on their kids. This step is to make sure that the kids do not suffer from sleep deprivationas a result of staying plugged-in. Making kids realize that smartphones are hazardous for their health has been one BIG challenge for the parents, however the advent of Android spyapps like xnspy has made parenting much easier than ever before.

What Features does an Android Spy App Possess?

With an android spy app, parents get complete control of their kids’ smartphones. They get access to the sent/received messages, emails, saved contacts, social media activities and most of all, to perform the digital detox, the parents can enable or disable apps on their kids’ phones, and if this doesn’t work, they also have the last choice, i.e. to lock their kids’ smartphones remotely. The parental control apps like XNSPY have not only empowered parents to keep their kids away from the technology whenever they want, but have also given them an opportunity to make sure that their kids stay away from the negative activities that are inappropriate for their age. Even cyberbullying, which has raised as one of the major issues faced by youth in the modern day, can also be prevented by making use of android spy apps.

Why Digital Detox is Important?

As mentioned above, staying plugged-in has taken ourkids’ lives far from reality and they have become living robots. In a post published on Forbes, it was said that if you do not remember when you last switched-off for 24 hours, you immediately need a digital detox. This practice not only keeps humanshealthy but also strengthens their relationships. By doing a digital detox, a man gives himself the opportunity to step back temporarily and get himself recharged. The psychologists around the world are of the opinion that digital detox enhances productivity of the kids at schools as well as in their social lives. A report published lately on CNN states, schools that ban students from carrying phones see a clear improvement in their test scores, according to a study by the London School of Economics. In another recent post published on Japan Today, Ryuta Kawashima, professor at the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer at Tohoku University said that immediate measures need to be taken or we are in for serious problems. He also added that it is no exaggeration to say that smartphones are controlling our kids these days who are actually becoming enslaved by them.


It has become inevitable for the parents to perform a digital detox on their kids. Staying plugged-in is causing serious psychological, social, medical and many other issues among our kids. By making use of an android spy app like XNSPY,the parents can avoid further health hazards for their kids.

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