Brain Test Has Made A Comeback: 13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store

Brain Test Has Made A Comeback: 13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store : Thirteen apps are recently removed by Google Play Store as they were infected with a malware chain called Brain Test. Brain Test is a malware family which was trying to get the root access and persisting even after factory reset and specially on rooted android devices. These apps looked very much harmless to regular users and also to Android OSs defense system but targets to do terrible things.

When these apps get installed on your device, they try to get root access. Then they helped other malware loaded apps to get installed on the same target device. As they seemed unharmful to user, they keep on enjoying these games while apps take root access.

Brain Test Has Made A Comeback: 13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store

Brain Test Has Made A Comeback: 13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store

Brain chain malware developers had spread a detailed trap by generating phony reviews around the apps to entice other users to download the same app making them viral on the global level. These apps already took over the root access and were impossible to remove even after factory resetting the device. For getting rid of them, the user had to re-flash the ROMs original Android operating system to an image OS. Make sure that you know the proper procedure to flash ROM.

This malware family was first spotted by Lookout Security Cloud in October 2015 but by that time, it was live on Google play Store apps with thousands of downloads and hundreds of positive reviews. But these apps generated a lot of suspicion in developer’s brains. On December 29 they confirmed the existence of Brain Test malware on 13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store.

On Lookout’s confirmation, Google immediately removed those 13 apps from Google Play store. we have a attached the full chart of 13 apps that were infected with Brain Test virus if you have any of them remove it immediately.

The target of these hackers had always been- the money. Primarily starting from China, Brain Trust hackers had promised a guaranteed number of app installs to developers for money. By using these malware apps hackers could have achieved their promised targets and earn a lot of money. According to the data available in Google Store, they very much achieved that. In few cases, they made up to 5,00,000 downloads and 4.5 rating before removal.


We all know that user feels safer when he download apps from Google Play store but what we suggest is remain cautious for your own safety and use security software for more security. This would be all about “13 Infected Apps Found In Google Play Store”. If you any queries feel free to leave us comments. 

Source: Redmondpie

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