Casio’s First Android Watch WSD F10 is One Of The Most Rugged Smartwatch: Casio has released its first  Android Watch WSD F10 proving that smart wear is not only for tech brands. As there are already too many trusted brands for buying Android wears, Casio done a great job in differentiating itself from them by adding the most desirable feature like- super rugged body and long battery backup. This watch can be used in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, trekking, or biking.

This smartwatch is made for rough use, which provide water resistance up to 50 meters depth and shockproof. Casio Computer Company has made a lot of efforts to make WSD-F10 fully customizable. The Smart Outdoor can be customized in any way user want to by installing apps. The Android wear can measure air pressure, altitude, sunrise time, and sunset times. WSD f10 also features accelerometer and compass that will guide you on any long trip.

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Casio’s First Android Watch WSD F10 Key Features

The smartwatch has sports look with a huge body but still has very a light weight at 93 grams with the strap. The strap is manufactured of hard wearing Urethane Plastic. The F10 has been made to meet MIL-STD-810 standards, which makes it capable of withstanding humidity, vibration, temperature variations, instantaneous shocks, and water. The display is made of the double-layered LCD screen. One layer is of Monochrome type and the other is color.

The display is made of the double-layered LCD screen. One layer is of Monochrome type and the other is color. In color mode, you can view all your apps and in Monochrome watch mode the battery can last for one month long without charging.

The Smart Outdoor watch comes with an application which makes it capable of connecting to a digital Casio EXILM Outdoor Recording Gear EX-FR100. By connecting them, you can control your camera remotely from a certain distance.

Casio’s First Android Watch WSD F10 is One Of The Most Rugged Smartwatch

The WSD-F10 smart watch is made very stylish to fulfill your fashion needs with military style design. Which is very much suitable for trekking and cycling trips. There are three buttons on the side, the first one is power button, and the rest two are for launching apps and scrolling through them. The biggest disadvantage of Casio’s First Android Watch WSD F10 is the absence of GPS but you can still pinpoint your location by merging your Android watch and smartphone. As GPS consumes a lot of battery percentage which is the sure reason behind Casio’s decision to take out GPS, which is the strongest point in this watch.

The F10 Android Wear can be used to read-out the altitude, air pressure, activity data, information on tides and sunset-sunrise times. On this phone, you can see notifications from your watch as well as customize them according to interest.

One another disadvantage of Casio WSD F10 android wear is its price at $500 which is higher as compared to all other Android wear smartwatches, except TAG Heuer’s smartwatch and few high-end models by Huawei Watch. Casio Smartwatch will be available for purchase from April 2016. Currently, Company has planned to launch it in United States only, although according to Casio global launch is most likely to be happening in next few months.

Casio Android Watch Pros and Cons


  • 30-day long battery backup in monochrome mode
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Very stylish military design
  • Highly customizable with required apps
  • Special features and sensors for outdoorsy folks


  • Too Expensive at price of $500
  • Not much suitable for women or small wrists due to big strap and face.

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