This Genius Alarm Clock Won’t STFU Till You Actually Leave Your Bed

This Genius Alarm Clock Won’t STFU Till You Actually Leave Your Bed: Leaving the comfort of a cozy bed is never easier that too when its a warm comfy bed, the cold floors and the awesome dream we just had.

All we do is over-snooze the alarm, especially when that snooze button on your alarm is just far too easy to push. This in turn will make us late, rush out of the house, drive fastly and rashly to office, or we may even get stuck in taffic and lose our valuable morning time.

But this new alarm clock which is designed in the form of a rug forces sleepy people to physically get out of bed to turn it off. And there is no snooze button on this alarm clock, which actually sounds a bit cruel.

The Ruggie is designed to be placed next to your bed where one stands once your out of your bed. The mat has an LED clock and hidden controls to help set an alarm on the device.

This Genius Alarm Clock Won’t STFU Till You Actually Leave Your Bed

The clock has a touch sensor display which eliminates unwanted lights that disturb your sleep. There are powerful Built in Speakers which wakes you up and will play customizable speeches or motivational speeches that will encourage you to not get back into bed. The rug is made of slow rebounding Memory Foam Padding which feels as soft as a cloud and is incredibly confortable. The rug is also blessed with a Premium Felt Finish that not only feels confortable, but loks great as well.

To turn ruggie off, users need to step on it for at least 3 seconds that needs essential pressure before it turns off. The alarm can play an array of sounds and is designed to encourage users to get out of bed rather than just rolling over to turn off their alarm.

Mr Winson Tam, from Vancouver, Canada, is attempting to raise funds to produce a commercial product of his prototype. The Ruggie is currently on KickStarter has already surpassed its goal of $36,113 with 53 days more to go. At the time of writting, Ruggie has already raised $43,000.

Mr Tam estimates the Ruggie will sell around for around $99 (£68) but it will offered for $59 (£40) those who support it.

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