Apple to create “Move to Android” app

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Apple to create “Move to Android” app: If you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android smartphone, then there is a good news for you that Apple is going to make that a lot easier. If you are having a smartphone then it must be having Apple’s iOS or global Android operating system. If you try to move your contacts, photos, and music from one device to another it becomes a headache.

Now Apple has signed an agreement to design a new feature called “Move To Android”, which happened due to pressure by EU mobile operators. This application will make switching from iPhone to Android much easier than ever. According to a report by 9to5Mac, difficulty in switching discourages users from adopting Android and is against the contractual negotiation by Apple.

Apple to create “Move to Android” app

To encourage iPhone sales, Apple has already developed an application called “Move To iOS” and put it on Google Play Store. This application has made switching from Android to iOS (iPhone, iPod, or iPad Touch) a lot easier by facilitating easy transfer of contacts, email accounts, calendars, and message history.

“Move To Android”-added feature will help users in moving data such as photos, contacts, documents, and songs over to their Android smartphone very quickly. Apple has agreed to develop the above-said application to avoid any legal actions.

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According to operators, only small amount of customers switched from Apple to Android due to the complicacy in moving. This gives Apple high-hand in any kind of commercial negotiation as mobile operators are massively dependent on Apple for their revenues.

Last year, after a lot of research Gartner predicted that Android smartphone manufacturers would soon start to lose more and more of their customers, who will shift towards Apple due to lack of value on offer. 

Research director Roberta Cozza said once after research: “Android vendors at the high end are finding it hard to differentiate and add value beyond technology and features. Furthermore, Apple’s brand clout ecosystem – alongside the new large-screen iPhone models – are strong alternatives.” 

According to figures for Q4 2015 in Economic Times, Apple received the biggest number of switchers ever in last year, from which 30% were from Android sector.

If Apple did design “Move to Android” app, then it will surely make a huge difference in America’s biggest technology giant. But for now, Apple has declined this fact, but that might be to keep hold of its share value as it can severely harm Apple’s market evaluation.

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