Apple iOS 9.3 to bring new 3D Touch

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Apple iOS 9.3 to bring new 3D Touch: iPhone of every generation has mostly the same design as its predecessor, with no much change in its visual look, but with every new launch of IOS, it comes with an outstanding feature. In Apple iPhone 4s- we inspired by Siri, in the Apple iPhone 5s feature of Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and in the Apple iPhone 6s one most remembered feature is its 3D Touch.

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Company add a new layer of sensitivity to the traditional standard of tapping and swiping, 3D Touch holds a huge promise. It acts as a kind of right click functionality for many apps, but unfortunately, not for all apps – even the apps made by Apple. Such apps are like the Settings menu and Stocks apps.

Apple iOS 9.3 to bring new 3D Touch

In apple iOS9.3, Apple announced that for its first-party apps, it will add 3D Touch which are still missing. Here is the list of apps that get 3D Touch with the updates includes: Settings, Compass, Health, Stocks, Weather and App Store.

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In iOS 9.3 you finally able to easily change the wallpaper on your iPhone.

This is one of the pros of IOS 9.3 that you can finally change the wallpaper on your iPhone easily with an option of 3D Touch in the Settings icon (previously, the wallpaper changing required a series of taps in the settings menus which was also a simple action). You can also easily search for stocks, for a weather check you can directly go one of your favorite location, as well as you can see your Medical ID with the help of 3D Touch in the Health app.
Check out all these new shortcuts that will come into force with iOS 9.3. Useful, aren’t they? Comment and share your views.

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