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How to introduce Apple’s live photos feature in your Android Smartphone

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How to introduce Apple’s live photos feature in your Android Smartphone: Second largest cellphone selling company Apple is all about innovating different applications and bringing new ideas. Apple has 13.96% vendor market share in 2015. Apple user loves to do something cool and classy things with every update. If we talk about Android OS, we will find that Android is also on the same track and in addition to Apple, Android is modified and its potential can be magnified by the usage of applications which are available in Play store.

How to introduce Apple’s live photos feature in your Android Smartphone

Apple iPhone 6s featured as headlining Live Photos, which can capture a few seconds video in camera mode and it will occur before and after hitting the shutter button and will show it as GIF(live photos). This updated feature shows that Apple is really good at re-branding the existing technology to make something creative and different.

Again if we discuss an Android, we have some options with the help of that we can install this new Apple’s live photos feature in your Android Smartphone.

How to Segment live photos  Android Smartphone

The live photo features can be used just by following 4 steps

Step 1- Downloading and installing Camera MX from play store

The iPhone live photo camera feature to Android by downloading and installing camera MX and it is available free on play store. Find the application by name and then get it installed.

Step 2- Live shoot similar with Live photo

iPhone is having a Live Photo mode similarly Camera MX player has Live shot for shooting mode and it means photo animated portion will be recorded in few seconds before you tap the shutter button. For using this feature camera MX player is put on Live Shoot mode and it is done by clicking the spiral shaped icon which is available on the top or on the left side of a screen. Now hold the device and frame up your shot for few seconds, then click on the shutter(spiral) button to capture it.

Step 3- Check and edit your video

After tapping the capture, button waits for few seconds for processing it after that your video is ready to view. Open the gallery, from here you can just check you images which you have captured similar to Apple’s Live Photo. But when you long press your screen only then your images become animated.

The best features include, you can change the beginning and end Live photo video and it can be done just by clicking on the top of the screen and choose the option as Edit Live shot. After that, choose the starting and ending images from the slider and press the save button.

Step 4- Share your live shot video with your friend

After making a video, if you want to share it with your friends and family then tap on the share button which is available on the top of the screen and then choose the video. From here you will find the option of share menu, you have to just choose an application with which you want to share it. The video will save in mp4 format and it means it is compatible will almost all sharing sites.

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