Google Unveils Project Soli Based On Radar, The Future On A Single Chip

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Google Unveils Project Soli Based On Radar, The Future On A Single Chip: The futuristic technology that Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) has revealed will surely hold your mouth wide open. The Project was revealed last year and is in the development stage, which is going to be a small team considering the power of the project. It seems that the intricacies of technology are only widening up and we are approaching towards the sci-fi future, that we have always read about in novels or seen in movies.

Google had released a video last year showing what that future might look like. This video is all about the new project Google is working on called Project Soli, which is a wearable gadget based on Radar technology and detects very detailed movements of your hand (around 10,000 frames per second) to control other equipment and itself. According to the video this technology is so futuristic that you won’t be able to guess the technology behind it at first gaze. Today I will tell you everything, you need to know about Project Soli.

What is Project Soli?

Project Soli is a wearable gadget but not the kind you might guessing it to be. It is not a simple smartwatch but an interface to command and control every gadget possible with the simple finger and hand movements only. Project Soli is one tiny chip that is interaction sensor based on Radar technology and can be fitted into a wearable like a smartwatch. This small radar can pick any small movement of your fingers and hand in real-time and converts them to commands.

Google Unveils Project Soli Based On Radar, The Future On A Single Chip

“One of the most exciting thing about it is that you can shrink a complete radar system and put it into a small chip,” Ivan Poupyrev, Project Soli Founder said in a Youtube Video. “That’s what makes this approach so promising: it’s extremely reliable. There is nothing to break, no moving part, no lenses, just a piece of sand on a board.” Be it a wearable watch or a PC screen, this technology can go with anything because of its small size. One of the main achievement of Project Soli is, its monitoring ability to capture 10,000 frames per seconds, and unprecedented information processing capability to be put in such a small chip.

According to the information provided by one of the spokesperson, Google ATAP is working on a larger solicitation for the release of the beta version. Currently this tecchnology is limited to this specific project but as the project grows and gets to final stage, it’ll open up big oppertunities for other projects.

Touching From A Distance

A tiny chip with radar-like capabilities might seem like a far-fetched dream. Isn’t it? But Google has decided to achieve this goal anyhow. A slight swipe of a finger will slide the screen and scroll through menus.

Touching two fingers might select and de-select options from a menu. Project Soli is one hell of technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way gadgets work with human interaction.


Check out the stunning video below:

This would be all about “Google Unveils Project Soli Based On Radar, The Future On A Single Chip”. If you have any good idea about this technology, please let us know through comment section.

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