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Do you know how Smartphones batteries drains faster in colder temp?

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Do you know how Smartphones batteries drains faster in colder temp?? These days, smartphone batteries have been improved in terms of technology, but according to experts, lithium ion cells suffer from the environment conditions. According to a survey, smartphones batteries power drain faster in cold weather, and if you are living in a cold environment, you have to carry back-up with you all time in the form of power bank or double batteries  and multiple USB charging hub that allows you to charge your smartphone anywhere.

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The study claims that when the environment gets colder, the faster the smartphone batteries get drain. So whats the main reason behind this battery failure? All smartphones companies are using lithium ion batteries and battery increase its internal electrical resistance as the temperature drops. This increase in electrical resistance reduces their overall capacity and makes batteries less efficient as it working good in hot climates. Now smartphone companies will bring a new feature to use up power more quickly than usual as the temperature down around zero. Most smartphones are caused by the cold that as soon as the outer temperature drops below zero, their batteries are only able to last aprox half the time they would at normal room temperature.

Batteries is not the only onw which suffer, other components like display also suffer. LCD screens can also appear smudged, pictures and text can show faint impressions, which is also known as ghosting.

Do you know how Smartphones batteries drains faster in colder temp?

How can we fix this problem, here is the solution

According to experts that rather to keep the smartphone from developing a lot of problems, keep them safe from the icey weather. Mobile devices should keep in a rubberized case or inside your pockets. Additionally, people should only use their smartphone when they need to use and not to engage in other activities, which would drain the battery even faster. For women, who carry smartphones inside their hand bags, it is advised that they purchase a high quality smartphone rubber case for yourself, if you want to prevent them from further problems.

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