How to use your iPhone more efficiently

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How to use your iPhone more efficiently: All of us spent a lot of time with our iPhone, even then we are unaware of its various shortcut and features. I used to do my work and attend phone call on it, even I didn’t tried in my id to use the various options and shortcut given in my iPhone and hope you do the same. Well I finally have researched on it and all these things saved my time and I am happy to share it with other iPone users. Now without wasting time, we should have a look on some shortcuts that makes my life easier.

How to use your iPhone more efficiently

Hide images from unwanted Audience

Sometimes we handed our iPhone to your boss or our friend to show them few shots, then by swiping they reached so far that and see those pics which we don’t want to show them like our boss see vacation beach shots. These type of case happen a lot of time, so to avoid these incident we can keep personal images from unwanted eyes. it can be done by selection the images hitting the share icon and choose Hide. Then photos will be removed from the main part of your photos and you can visualise it in Albums.

To get your app faster use search bar

Based on my observation many people don’t know about it, and a few use it on a regular basis. What you have to just slide your finger from any point of the screen and you will get the search bar on the top. It will help you a lot, as you need not find the app from a bundle of applications you just need to summon the search bar and type it what you want to open. In iOS 9, Apple has added a search bar for setting which will save you time.

Save battery life

The major problem which we all are facing with our iPhone is battery life, Apple iOS 9  is featured as a good way to manage battery life. One way is to manually put your phone on “Low Power Mode”. This mode will disable all the running applications and save battery life. It has been checked by doing an experiment as one iPhone is kept on Low Power Mode and other without, it has been found that the handset with power mode give a battery life of 20 hours while other give only 14 hours battery life. You can even check the most hungry application of your iPhone. Open the battery menu and wait for few seconds then your iPhone will list the most hungry applications.


 Easy Replies

Did you know that you can reply to text messages from the lock screen? For giving reply what you have to do is to Toch ID and password menu, and swipe the right and you will found the reply option. Tap on that and get typing. This will also work if you pull down the notification of new message and should pull a text field. Then you can reply there without opening your iPhone message box. This function will work, to reply to your message from the lock screen.

Sign Documents

One of the best options from iPhone is the ability to sign documents through mail application. This application is similar to Apple preview application on Mac to sign a document. The image can be resized and can be moved whenever you need to sign.

Images and file can be marked in Mail

Apple added the new option in iOS9 to attach any kind of file to an email. It can be done just by tapping the body of a message and holding your finger for a moment. After doing it, you can easily be able to tap on the attached file to get Markup option. Yo can get drawing and text tool by choosing it and can circle a relevant part of an article.

Keyboard shortcuts

It is one of the old methods to save time, you can make custom keyboard shortcut just by heading into keyboards menu and finding Text replacement menu. It saves my time as a can type fast and save me from typographic errors when I am sending contact information.

This is all about How to use your iPhone more efficiently

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