Google wants to inject a computer into your eye

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Google has filed a patent for a vision-correcting high-tech lens that’s injected directly into your eyeball.

In the patent which was filed in 2014 but published last week, Google wants to control the overall optical power of the device, thus giving the device a supersight. The Google will inject a computer directly into the lens capsule of an eye with the help os some sort of fluid. Now the big question here is that from where this computer will get the power from for its operation? The Google told that the computer will be powered wirelessly through an “energy-harvesting antenna.”

Google wants to inject a computer into your eye

The computer would have sensors, storage, radio, battery and an electronic lens. Google has also mentioned the device would be capable of sending a bunch of signals like GPS, LTE and NFC which are probably totally fine to have inside the body of the human.

While Google hasn’t told much about the upcoming technology for which they filed the patent for, UK experts, on the other hand, says that the technology is not just feasible.

World leading Laser eye surgeon Dr. David Allamby says that the visions problems would soon be extinct with the new biotechnology-based injectable implants, as well as the recent stem cells breakthroughs.

Google has already experimented with mixing technology and our eyeballs before. In 2014, Google filed the patent for ‘Google Contact Lens’ which is a smart contact lens that would help people with diabetes measure glucose levels. This wearable piece of tech also acts as an early warning device to signal the onset of glaucoma.

Last week, Sony also filed a patent for a wearable contact lens that will be able to record and play video, thus, would be giving a tough competition to the “Google Glass” virtual reality spectacles.

Last month Samsung also sought to file a patent for a wearable contact lens which will project images directly into the user’s eye, click photographs and connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

This would be all about Google wants to inject a computer into your eye. For more news and updates, stay tuned to our website.


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