Apple’s Siri-Powered home speaker to compete Google Home and Amazon Echo

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Apple is reportedly developing a Siri-Powered home speaker in response to the Google Home and Amazon Echo.Now just like Amazon home you can ask back daily news, book an Uber or get any updates from the new Siri-powered home speaker.

5 Things you can do with Apple’s Siri-Powered home speaker

Apple’s Siri speaker will soon revolutionize the market under the name Apple Echo. The Siri-Powered device will be flushed with these fantastic features:

  1. The Siri Speaker will be able to interact with the Apple’s  Homekit platform, allowing it to turn on and off the Apple devices via voice commands
  2. Read back fresh news for you.
  3. Turn on music playlist and play your favorite song.
  4. Set timers and alarms on itself and your iPhone too!
  5. Ask me anything.

Apple to open up Siri SDK to developers to make the Siri-Powered home speaker more robust

To accomplish this project, Apple has decided to open its SIRI voice assistant to third party apps like dominos, Uber, etc. For this, Apple may release a Siri SDK to developers at the Worldwide Developer Conference on 13 June. This SDK would make Siri more open and robust as it would let any developer to utilize the Apple’s Siri voice assistant. As of now, some third party companies like Yelp have gained access to Siri.

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Amazon Echo vs.  Google Home vs. Apple’s Siri-Powered home speaker

Amazon Echo

The tech giant Amazon has till now succeeded the most to break into the user’s living room. The reason being, it’s open for the third party apps and services. The device wakes up when the user says Alexa, Amazon or Echo.

5 Features of Amazon Echo:

  1. Users can access their playlists.
  2. Track flights
  3. Pay their Capital One credit card bill
  4. Hail an Uber
  5. Order pizza from Dominos

Google Home

Google Home could be the most powerful of the three when it hits the market. However it will work exactly like Amazon Echo with the wake word: “Okay, Google,”. Google it too planning to announce a similar SDK for its AI speaker Google Home.

5 Features of Google Home:

  1. Ask questions about movies, culture, sports.
  2. Could hold conversations
  3. Answer multipart questions
  4. Add Items to google calendar
  5. Output to chrome cast.

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Apple Echo

As of now Siri is performing well in the iPhone. Given the personality of Siri, the new Apple’s Siri-Powered home speaker could get a considerable edge over Amazon Echo and Google Home. Moreover, Apple echo’s ability to access the Apple’s Homekit platform could make it a considerate choice for the users. Once fully integrated into the third-party apps and services Apple’s Siri-Powered home speaker could do wonders.


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