Meet Andromium Superbook: A Case That Gives The Power Of A Laptop To Your Smartphone

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Meet Andromium Superbook: A Case That Gives The Power Of A Laptop To Your Android Smartphone: Today’s smartphones and laptops are becoming more and more powerful every day with improving technology. Smartphones are able to run those infinite number of productivity apps and games, which had been impossible to run even on full-fledged computers a few years back. In spite of this whole power that Android caters still there are certain limitations (including display size and touchpad inputs etc) beyond which we cannot use the advantages of Android system. But Kickstarter Andromium has come up with latest The Superbook to change that as it can convert your smartphone into a laptop. Now we will be key features, pros and cons and price details of The Superbook thoughout this article.

Andromium Inc.’s latest low budget Superbook gives a gracious large 11.6-inch display, trackpad, and full-size keyboard to your conventional smartphone to boost the functionality it can provide. The Superbook is available at a low price tag of $99 (around £75).

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Meet Andromium Superbook: A Case That Gives The Power Of A Laptop To Your Smartphone

There are other players too in market who have tried there hand in increasing the capabilities of Android smartphone by giving it PC form factor. Motorola became first manufacturer in leveraging the smartphone’s features by providing external peripheral and launched Atrix 4G smartphone. In one more attempt, California based startup announced a budget system that can give any Windows 10 mobile a laptop form-factor. The crowfunding campaign for the said device NexDock had already hit the target but yet to hit market for sale. There is one more device that had been one of the most famous a ‘without limitation’ device named Symetium which will be the first device with a customized Android operating system, that can run on both PC and smartphone.

Andromium also tried before in 2014 to design a workstation that worked on mobile operating system but needed all extra external peripherals including keyboard, monitor, and mouse. But the croudfunding campaign for that project failed because nobody was interested in getting into a mess of all external peripherals. So they came up with the new idea of compacting this whole system into one notebook. Developed by Andrew Jiang, the Andromium Superbook includes a large display, battery, keyboard, and multi-touch trackpa but no precessor. When user plugs in an Android device, it launches an app to interface smartphone with PC, so he can experience seamless performance.

By using Superbook, you can do everything you can do on a laptop or PC. This laptop shell weighs only 2-lb (900 grams) and smartphone can be connected using the only USB port. The LCD display has a resolution of 768 x 1,366 pixels and has a size of 11.6 inches. The Superbook case’s battery lasts for almost 10 hours which is more than enough. There is one extra advantage of this device that it charges your smartphone while plugged-in.

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You don’t need to have the latest smartphone model to connect to this device. All you need to confirm before connecting your smartphone to the Superbook is that your mobile is running on Android 5.0 or above version OS with Dual-core processor, supports USB-OTG, packs at least 1.5 GB of RAM and 25 MB of ROM free. This is one laptop, which doesn’t needs to updated as long as your smartphone is updated. This shell is fully compatible with MS-Office suite and provides full-screen functions to Play Store apps.

This project has already fetched USD 7,00,100 on Kickstarter outdoing company’s first target of USD 50,000 and still has 25 days left. You can buy the most basic Superbook pack at a USD 99 pledge level, which includes Gold laptop, one USB-OTG cable, and wall charging adapter. But if you afford to raise your bid to $159 then will get the Superbook in Blue or Gold, a universal mount for your smartphone, and a wall charger. The shipping of the device is expected to start by February 2017.

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