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Google Home Price | Features | Release Date

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Welcome to future with Google Home a complete packet of IOT. Hope you guys remember Amazon Echo Concept? This was the the same devices which the announced in I/O in May this year and now we are hearing a lot of it and moreover the IOT features are astonishing.

Wait till the last as we have also have price and release date of the Google Home.

Google Home Features

Let us quickly look at the cool features which this device has to offer.

  1. Google New Assistant AI :- Google Home has the new improved and more personalized version of Google’s voice features. It do to stuff like answering questions, controlling media which is like you have a DJ in your house. It also supports stream music or control your other cast-enabled devices.
  2. Little Robo :- As you it listen things ofr you, and there few controls on the device itself, as it has touch panel display by which makes it easy for controlling the volume or switching a track. It has its own colors which means Google Home is listening to you or not. You can even mute the microphone with the button in the back.
  3. My Day Feature :- They are calling it a My Day Feature, which basically same as the Google No cards on Android. It’s essentially briefing like Weather, Traffic, Calendar events and reminder.
  4. IOT Devices (Internet of things) :- Google Home also support many devices and apps including Nest, SmartThings, Philiphs Hue and IFTT and many more are on the way and you can also control your chromecast enabled TVs.

Google Home Price and Release Date

It comes with the affordable price of $129 which is now available on Google Store, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. The device will ship and be available in physical stores on November .

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