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Apple Recovered $40 million Worth Of Gold From Recycled iPhones Last Year

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Apple Recovered $40 million Worth Of Gold From Recycled iPhones Last Year: Tech giant Apple is already one of the world’s biggest profit making companies. Now they have found a new way of increasing its profit while fulfilling the regulations. Latest information revealed that California-based Apple has found a Gold worth of USD 40 million from old iPhones, laptops, tablets, and some golden smartwatches. This happened because of the innovative recycling program started by Apple which uses robots for extracting valuable metals from millions of scrap iPhones and other Apple devices every year.

Apple started this robot operated recycling program to avoid dumping valuable metals into landfills. When Apple released its annual environmental report during the second quarter of the year it turned out to be a profit making balance sheet. Apple declared that it has recovered a total of 90 million pounds of materials from used scrap Apple devices in the year 2015. Out of which 61 million pounds of those materials includes steel, glass, aluminium, and other valuable materials, including 2,204 pounds of gold that can be used in future products.

According to Business Insider’s calculation, the gold recovered from old iPhones and Macbooks were just under the USD 40 million worth. It might be possible that there were some golden Apple smart watches in the scrap. Each of them estimated to have 50 grammes of 18 carat gold in it.

Apple Recovered $40 million Worth Of Gold From Recycled iPhones Last Year

Below is the data released by Apple in its annual environmental report detailing all the materials recycled from old iPhones, MacBooks, and other devices:

If you are wondering that from where the gold is coming! then we want to clear that according to Fairphone, average smartphone contains around 30 milligrammes of gold in its circuits and internal components.

Apple said that this recycling program was a great relief too for them as the 90 million pounds of e-waste recovered in 2015 from devices was 71% of the total weight of the scrap they sold seven years earlier.

These $40 MN worth of gold tiles plus $6 million in copper according to 9to5Mac will surely change the Apple balance sheet figures. Also, these numbers will spur other mobile companies to boost their recycling programs so some of the e-waste don’t end up in floating landfills in the pacific ocean.

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