A USB Stick That Will Fry Your Laptop Within Seconds: Watch This Killer USB In Effect

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A USB that will fry your laptop: Beware not all the pen drives are good, according to the recent discovery and called the Killer USB sticks that can destroy your PC within seconds.

This USB is being created by Russian Security researcher know as Dark Purple, which will fry your laptops, PCs and even TVs within seconds. This new device comes with the tagline from the creator itself

“This device performs only one function- The destruction of computers.”- Dark Purple.

There was a short video posted by the hacker which showed how the USB plugged into IBM’s laptop shuts the laptop down and the device was not able to turn on after that.

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A USB that will fry your laptop: How does it work?

The USB damages the most vital part of the device which is the motherboard it sends 220 Volts through the signal lines of USB interface, rendering anything it is plugged into useless.

This pen drive is not only to the PCs or Laptop even the smartphones, those who are supporting USB are prone to this attack.

The good news is the data on the pen drive is still safe because the user can’t even see it.

But the question arises if the data is safe, how can a user see it? I mean every time the user plugs in the pen drive the PC gets puffed.

A USB that will fry your laptop: Solution

Any Solution to it. Yes, change the motherboard which is kinda costly, so better don’t insert any unknown pen drive.

Where data is very important nowadays, Mobiviki encourages you to take care of such threats for more of these attack stay tuned to our websites and we will keep you updated.

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