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How To Guard Privacy On Iphone

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Posted By Anshul Samaiyar

Now a day, iPhones are a Facebook-checking, texting, tweeting, gaming, productivity, personal health, work, one-stop payment machine. People use the iPhones to do all the things such as emailing, navigating new places or mobile banking.

However whether your own tendency to lose electronics in cabs or it’s petty thieves, hacked browsers at cafeteria, using your iPhone as a source for the data comes with huge risks. If you store as well as connect with your phone to wifi, you may stand to lose.

How to guard privacy on iPhone

  • Activate the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ Button on iPhone : -iPhone provide limited information to apps with advertising. If you don’t like to see the advertisement, you can opt out by activating ‘Limit Ad Tracking’. For this, you need to go to “Settings” menu and then click on “Privacy section.” You can easily see “Advertising.” You need to Tap this, after that toggle “Limit Ad Tracking” to activate.
  •  Avoid connecting Wi-Fi networks : -For this, you just need to go to “Settings,” after that choose “Wi-Fi.” Here, you will see the option to get your phone to notice you to Wi-Fi networks while it’s available outside. In order to ignore connecting to a fraud network, you need to activate it.
  • Use a Passcode : – If you set up any strong passcode on your iPhone, you should use the strong security code which you use on any other device. You must not use your social security or birthday number for the passcode on your iPhone, and obviously not “4321.” Don’t tell the passcode with anybody. Never use the same passwords from other devices or sites.
  • Make Safari very safe :- In order to make the default browser of your iPhone very secure, you can take a few actions. For a seriously security-minded, you can disable the cookie which is a good option.
  • Limitation of the Lock screen activities on iPhone :- If you have set up any strong passcode on your iPhone, then you should limit it with the phone while it is locked. For it, user may disable replies to messages, notifications and Wallet, Siri commands and Apple Pay while the phone’s screen is locked.

For this setting, you need to just go to “Touch ID & Passcode” and then you can see the section “Allow access when locked.” In order to limit these actions, you can Toggle off.

  • No need to Click on fraud Links : –Most probably it’s a false sense of security, Most probably it’s those small, illegible screens, but for few reason, many users are likely to click on such kind of links on their iPhone. You should avoid this thing at all.

I hope the above mentioned information will be helpful for you to guard privacy on iPhone!

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