Hidden keyboard shortcuts to speed up typing on iPhone

Do you know about the hidden keyboard shortcuts to speed up typing on iPhone by which you can turn short phrases into large chunk of words, that means why need to type same phrase again where you can have a shortcut for the it.

Yes today, we will be help you out enable this features in easy steps where you replace the most used expression into full fledged sentence. This feature is available in both Android and iPhone. This post will primarily focus on iPhone and we will have a separate post for Android.

Hidden keyboard shortcuts to speed up typing on iPhone

First we need to enable the setting which is called the Text Replacement Settings.

  1. Head into Settings -> General -> Keyboard
  2. Here look for text replacement which will be already preloaded, you will see omw shortcut, type “omw” any where it will automatically expand to “On my way”.

Now, when this feature has been enabled you can easily add new shortcuts by tapping on “+” button. In the “Phrase” field type the chunk of text you’d like a shortcut for for example your work address for instance.

The last step is in “Shortcut” field below, type the snippet you want to trigger the phrase, For instance, “workad”. Hit Save and you are good to go.

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The phrases aren’t case sensitive, so the tool will automatically capitalize at the beginning of sentences, and will follow your lead if you capitalize the shortcut. Also, it can work even if you use keyboards besides Apple’s default one.

Note :- Apple syncs these to Cloud so it will work across your synced iOS and Mac devices. All the data is encrypted on Apple’s server but if it still worries you, refrain from creating shortcuts for highly personal information.

I hope the above hidden keyboard shortcuts to speed up typing on iPhone must be of your help.

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