Top 10 Insanely Useless Websites On Internet

Top 10 Insanely Useless Websites On Internet

Top 10 Insanely Useless Websites On Internet: Internet has developed from a military experiment to a huge cyberspace where you can find almost every single piece of data. Internet is filled with billions of interesting and useful websites or we say webpages but sometimes it’s just some shitty webpage made to viewer in some way. The Useless Web is a spot to find out a huge number of useless sites but you may enjoy them as well.

I have found top 10 insanely useless websites for you which may annoy you or may show you the most funny thing on internet. So let go have a look on these top 10 websites on my useless site list:

Top 10 Insanely Useless Websites On Internet

1. First in place is a really awful website with unambigious animation running around.

2. It’s filled with some psychedelic mirrored cat pictures. It might amuse you if you are a cat person. No, It won’t!

3. wikipeetia.comIt’s the misspelled version of and literally it’s nothing more. It’s also called “The misspelled encyclopedia”.

4. It’s amusing somehow but also makes you hate yourself that you came to a website only for this!

5. It’s so exclusive that only one person can visit it at a time while rest might stay in infinite wait list.

6. Really, It’s the most useless website on earth in literal sense.

7. — Here you can meet up with local Bernie Sanders supporters near your place.

8. papertoilet.comPlay with a toilet paper roll, if you like to.

9. It’s one of the most technically intechnical website. Is that even a word? Well, do you even expect The Hodor programming language to be a real language!

10. Squirrels are on a cyber war. Disrupting at the highest levels, its #CyberWar4Ever! This website is a geographical visualization of all the unclassified cyber attacks done by squirrels.


If you any more suggestions that we can add to our list of ‘Top 10 Insanely Useless Websites On Internet’, please do leave comments in below section.



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