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Halloween is here, When ever I say Halloween it reminds me of the pumpkin with that creepy smile and that haunting eyes. Do you know the real name of that Pumpkin it is “Jack-o-lantern” which is one the famous symbol of Halloween. There are various facts about Halloween and it is worth sharing after all you should why we are celebrating Halloween.

Halloween is also has 4 other names which are Hallowe’en, Allhallowe’en, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve. I hope you didn’t know that but you can add that your knowledge or can even ask you comes for the famous game trick or treat. This festival is celebrated all over the world.

Why Celebrate Halloween?

Well, it is been said this day is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed. There is also a believe the traditions orginated from Celtin harvest festival.


Well, movies can explain that better but in most of them are horror, on this day many Halloween costume ideas come alive where you want to look the most scariest of all. We personally like Halloween costume for women where you can be cute and scary at the same time.

In order to play you have to dress up into Halloween costume, decorating, carving the pumpkin, bonfires, playing pranks and visiting haunted attractions. The worst part is telling scary stories and watching horror movies .

In Christian religious where people attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead.

Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. The Star War Costume : – I believe you all must be familiar with the star wars series, you can dress up in alone in this costume and if you have a loved one with you you will look more cute.
  2. The Dead Girl :- Now, this is where it become more scary like anything, where you can see the in the below image the heart broken girl with the messed up hair would be the least people would expect to see. If I was a girl I would love to try this one you can even work on the Halloween makeup ideas where you can scare the hell out of other people.
  3. The Bride :- The Bride Halloween makeup is the best that a girl can do, all dress white in the weeding dress and with some red paint (blood) on the neck would be scary and trust me you wouldn’t know if that is real or not.
  4. The Joker :- Fan of Batman? yes, you must be fan of the joker too. The smile that was carved on his face was something you can try to put on there is not much effort you need to put on to be a joker and the best part is, If I would you I could get a chance to dress up like my favorite villain.
  5. Dress up a Super Hero :- That won’t be scary because no super hero is scary but you will get a chance to feel powerful that day, I would dress like Thor with the hammer. I will crack open the head who doesn’t gives me treat (Just kidding). So you choose you super hero for as a Halloween costume idea.
  6. Dress a witch :- Yes, witches are scary those long nails and they look so bright in that black dress where which is beautiful and scary at the same time. You can always take a reference from a movies and cartoon shows.
  7. Dress a Vampire :- Those blood sucking humans, I wish I was one they never die and so are so handsome , fast and powerful all at the same time. A vampire is one of the oldest costume you can try and moreover it still works.
  8. Just be scary: – Now this is the most feasible part where you have to just be scary where you stick a fake knife in your stomach and paint it all red, or there are many other ideas which can be better be explained in the images that we have attached all over the post.

These were the Halloween Costume Ideas which will help you look the best on this festival, there are many more post similar to it I hope you will enjoy it. Do share it with your family and friends and tell them what are you going to be on this Halloween.

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