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How to remove built in apps on iphone running iOS 10

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Smartphone is half business associate. The built-in apps on home screen are annoying many times. There are 23 pre-installed applications which come as a part of system bundled package. These are management tools like Calendar, Calculator, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, iBooks, iCloud drive, Notes, Mail, Reminders; and others like Maps, Find My Friends, iTunes Store, Music, News, Podcasts, Stocks, Tips, Videos, Voice memos, Watch app and Weather, which are absolutely less important and can be removed. With iOS 10 Apple has given facility to remove these. This is a welcome change from the company.

In iOS 9 you could only hide the rarely used application while after the release of iOS 10 Apple users can finally delete pre-installed apps from the Home screen. Not more than 150 MB of disk space can be reclaimed from un-installing them all.
If you do not want to see them, after reading this article getting them off your iphone, ipod or ipad is an easy task to accomplish.

Steps to remove built in apps on iphone-

Step 1: Touch and hold the app icon on home screen for few seconds or until it jiggle
Step 2: An ‘X’ mark appears on the app. Tap to remove.
Step 3: Confirm to remove the application.
Step 4: Complete the process with pressing home button
Watch app can be blue-pencil only after un-pairing your Apple Watch. There is a slim chance of doing so for a gadget freak.
What does it mean to remove built in apps on iphone
User related data is also removed while removing built in apps on iphone. This simply means any song purchased in Music app through iTune will also be removed from device but can still be found if stored in cloud. When the application is removed the song is accessible in iTunes.

Similarly removing contacts do not mean your phone book is erased, they are there in your iphone which you can find under contacts tab in phone app.
When the apps are removed you will not find any disrupting notifications in Notification Centre of your device. Out of sight is out of mind- this adage holds true in this scenario too. However you may feel the need of these lost apps some day. Getting any is as simple as removing them.

Steps to restore built in apps on iphone running iOS 10

Ripping off built-in apps does not mean you can’t get them back. They can be re-installed via App Store at no cost in couple of steps.
Step 1: Open the App store on Home screen or Apple website
Step 2: Locate the Search field in the bottom right corner of the screen. Enter the name of the app you want to install. Tap search.
Step 3: Tap the download button. The icon appears like a downward arrow in cloud.
Now with iOS 10 Apple has ease up the phone organization with simplified solution as how to remove built in apps on iphone, ipad or ipod.

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