Halloween costume ideas for 2016 that will make you crazy

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Ghosts can be heroes of celebration too. Halloween is an excellent example of this. Descending from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, it is also called All Hallows’ Eve. As per Celts belief the day concludes the harvest season and people used to light bonfire and wear ghostly attire to keep off the roving ghouls. The modern Halloween is still connected with the same superstitions.

Halloween smear the switch between fall and winter, it evolved as secular event which involved child entertaining activities like trick-or-treating, bonfire and wearing scary makeup, costumes; storytelling, potato pancakes and carved pumpkin. Nowadays Halloween has become more of costumes and candies. Read on to know Halloween costume ideas 2016.

This dull pagan ritual has turned colourful with all dressed up not elegantly but spookily. This article summarizes homemade Halloween costume ideas that can actually amaze you. Just put your creative hat on and head on to make a unique costume from scratch. Though there are many suggestions on Halloween costume ideas for kids yet below are five best picks that you must try for 2016.

Duckling is one of the most admired Halloween costumes for toddlers and 1-3 years kids. This light yellow dress is sure to make him stand out with the best looks. Glue bunch of brown faux feathers on yellow short fur or felt dress, a pair of big googly eyes on baseball cap and put on the pair of orange boots. Now he is ready to waddle among the crowd. If you are a perfectionist and want your kid to be that way, use boots that make quack sound as the kid walks.

Another choice in Halloween costumes for toddlers is the sweet Strawberry theme. This comfortable costume for your little one is pretty and easiest to create. You can find a ripe red shirt, matching legging, green felt, craft paint and pipe cleaner from local market very easily. To exact the fruity look make the stem with felt and pipe cleaner. Paint white or yellow seeds on the top and bottom.

Kids are central to all homemade Halloween costume ideas. You must be preparing for Halloween party and you should also know how to impress them with Halloween costume ideas for kids. The creative, clever and quick idea may be inspired by the classic Jaws. This shark menace is lovely! A gray coloured hooded sweatshirt and felt are the only supplies needed so it can be one of the last minute costume ideas for guys. Jaws theme can be modified as Halloween costume ideas for groups where each member is dressed like fish, mermaids, and scuba divers.

few strips of tape on already having track suit, matching hat, a shiny trophy, and checkered flag is the other last minute costume ideas for guys. Be it the Race car Driver look or an under-the-sea theme Halloween costume ideas for groups the aim is celebration and the fun never seeming to stop in these crazy parties.

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