Trick-or-treaters will love these 6 exotic candies

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Halloween is fun time for kids. Spooky creatures, carved pumpkins and excited screams make the day. It’s time to dress your little ones in special Halloween costumes and prepare them for Tricks or Treating. Candy is sweetest aspect of the celebration that kids love; they stockpile candy corn, chocolates and toys from neighbors and gobble lots of candies.

Few sellers are offering October sweets which make Halloween 2016 exciting. These unusual sweets in your child’s trick or treat bag are weird but are exotic and are worth a try.

  1. Silver Gianduja Skulls- These skull candies from the house of famous grocery chain; Dean & DeLuca gets in to the spirit of Halloween. The miniature dark chocolate skulls are filled with creamy and nutty gianduja. They are dusted with edible silver. With hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and almonds this chocolate candies are rich in flavors. This exclusive sweet attaches to the traditions of various cultures.
  2. One Scary Election- This special Halloween candy series by IT’SUGAR is making it difficult to resist. The candied pumpkins contained in Trump or Treat Pumpkin Box is first one in the line, second is the Happy Halloween Candy Corn Box and third is an orange giant lollipop known as the Exclusive Trump Giant Halloween Lollipop.
  3. World’s largest Fortune Cookies by Fancy Fortune Cookies- The restaurateur brings Fortune Cookies out of your restaurant table. This monster Halloween cookie gives trick-or-treaters a thrill which children scream about. Know as the world’s largest fortune cookie it weighs more than a pound. Decorated with skulls pattern on the surface it is stuffed with lot of funny things that makes the cookies exciting.
  4. Cricket Crunch bar- Another entrant in the Halloween candy sector is the Cricket Crunch bar, manufactured and distributed by Entosense, Inc.. Edible insect chocolate bar is a step further the Chocolate covered crickets. They may seem weird but following Halloween it is turning out to be a major gainer. Cricket Crunch bar is loaded with good quality protein, vitamins and Omega fats.
  5. “Harry Potter” Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans- Good news for “Harry Potter” fans, the special Halloween candy beans are now available in dirt, earthworm, booger, soap, vomit and rotten egg flavors which are much different from the regular lemon and blueberry flavors. Manufactured by Jelly Belly Candy Company these beans tastes exactly as described by their names. “Harry Potter” Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans are sweets for the young taste buds.
  6. Mini Blood Bags Liquid Candy Pouches- These scary, bloody liquid candy pouches available online. Cherry flavored blood can be an ideal treat for anyone in hospital emergency room. A box of Mini Blood Bag Liquid Candy Pouch is the most appetizing triage element on the Halloween.

The above candies may be creepy as these falls very different than what you see in markets. Else then candies, non-candy funny Halloween gifts for kids may be tattoos, spider ring, bags of chips, goldfish, jelly bracelet, wax lips and tooth. These out-of-the-ordinary ideas will make Halloween 2016 memorable.

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