5 Best Homemade Halloween costume ideas

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Here are 5 Best Homemade Halloween costume ideas: With Halloween being just less than two week away, many of you haven’t started thinking of a halloween costume. Don’t worry. We will tell plenty of ways as to how to make funny, scary Halloween costumes at home with items that can be found easily at home.

5 Best Homemade Halloween costume ideas

1) Mummy: This is one of the easiet and best homemade Halloween costume and one can make it via numerous items that are generally available at home.

One can use old pieces of white cloth or paper towels, tissue to get that extra scary effect but do make sure you have enough to wrap the entire body of the individual. And do cut out some cloth for the person’s eyes and nose so that can see and breathe.

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2) Black Cat: In animals particularly cat is one of the common costumes on Halloween and that too can made be easily. All you need is black leggings, black shoes and a black turtle neck for a black cat Halloween costume. You can complete the simple homemade Halloween costume by buying a tail, ears and whiskers from a nearby store.

3) Ghost: Its all time favourite and one of the easiet homemade halloween costume, all it requires is only a white bed sheet.Once you have got the bed sheet, carve out a place for a person’s eyes and you will be all ready for a Halloween party.

4)  Zombie: You must have noticed some dead corpses moving around in movies. Yeah they are Zombies walking in worn and ratty clothes. One can make such costumes by getting old torn clothes of yours and can make it more realistic by  making then more dirty.

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5) Witch: To be a witch on Halloween party, one needs a long-sleeved black dress and a witch hat. One can also get a black witch’s hat that is easily available in any of the local store as it is one of the most popular Halloween items.


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