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iPhone Had A Secret One-Handed Keyboard But Apparently You Never Knew About

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iPhone Had A Secret One-Handed Keyboard But Apparently You Never Knew About: Have you ever wondered if there was mobile on which you could type messages and emails using one hand only? On big size display smartphones, the typing with one hand becomes even more difficult and the same difficulty is faced by handicapped from one hand. Well, maybe not anymore, with this new secret feature of iPhone that we are going to tell you about today. This new secret might blow all rest of the iPhone tricks and secrets you have ever learned about.

iPhone Had A Secret One-Handed Keyboard But Apparently You Never Knew About

Steve Troughton-Smith, game developer and self-proclaimed hacker, discovered the hidden code for one-handed keyboard in iOS. This hidden code provides the capability of pushing the keyboard of your iPhone to the side, either the right or left side, based on your requirement. This hidden feature of iPhone can be activated by swiping at the edge of the display.


Smith, who discovered this hidden code of one-handed keyboard by utilizing Apple’s iOS Simulator Tool, said that this feature is no new addition in iOS 10 update rather ‘it had been there since iOS 8’ but Apple never activated it.

You probably have seen such one-handed keyboard before. It was essentially designed for the people with small hands and big-size handsets. This special keyboard function smushes the entire qwerty keypad towards left or right according to your preference. It utilizes the extra space by filling it with useful shortcut keys like Copy, Paste, and Cut etc, to make typing easy with the single hand.

This biggest drawback here is that you might never be able to use this feature officially and use it anyway you have to jailbreak the iPhone, which we won’t suggest you to do with your iPhone. Till now Apple hasn’t made any comments on this keyboard or if this one-handed keyboard will be made available in future.

This keyboard is a part of experiments that Apple keeps on doing to add new features to its iPhones but for some reasons they never made this feature official and left the code hidden inside iPhone’s core.

The revelation of this secret keyboard in iPhone doesn’t mean that Apple will be releasing this feature anytime soon. Steve Troughton-Smith, who hacked the iPhone code, also posted steps on how to activate this hidden one-handed keyboard if your iPhone is already jailbroken.


This would be all for ‘iPhone Had A Secret One-Handed Keyboard But Apparently You Never Knew About’ and we will keep you posted if Apple makes any relevation on this hidden keyboard feature.

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