LG V20 is up for pre-order at Sprint and US Cellular

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LG V20 is up for pre-order at Sprint and US Cellular-Specifications & Price: LG is ready to book its power-packed phablet- V 20. You can preorder it on Sprint and US Cellular too. After T-mobile, AT & T and Verizon customers will dig up more options to pick the ambitious phone.

Bookings can be done on Sprint’s website and the estimated shipping date is 28 October. The carrier is also giving out Bang and Olufsen H3 headphones worth $149 for free as a pre-launch offer. Interested consumers can get $200 credit which can be remitted as discount in purchasing your new smartphone. LG V20 is Sprint’s first smartphone to pitch in the newest version Android 7.0 Nougat. Another flick in a wake to attract customer by Sprint is exclusively for the customer who signs a two-year service agreement with the company. The customer will get10” HP Slate tablet for his loyalty.

AT&T and T-Mobile are offering LG V20 at $830 and $769.99 respectively, where as you can buy it for $672 at Verizon outlet. A step further this Sprint facilitates EMI, totaling $792. You can own the phone in 24 equated monthly payment of $0.33 without any down payment.

LG V20 is up for pre-order at Sprint and US Cellular

Sprint offer competitive rates on LTE network and as per company if someone switches from any network to ours, he will save up to 50% of the standard rate plan with AutoPay and savings till December 31, 2018. Another feather in Sprint’s cap is its 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. According to the scheme if you are not satisfied with the service or device the company will pay back the cost of device, eligible overhaul charges and the related fees.

Like Sprint U.S. Cellular also opened pre-order for LG V20 from October 22. The bookings can be done online or through walk in store. You can buy the phone at outright cost of $699.99 or in installments of 30, 24 or 20 months. You may buy V20 for a low EMI of $21.60 per month and zero down payment.

U.S. Cellular is giving out free Bang and Olufsen H3 headphones on purchase made till November 16. In addition to this the purchaser will receive a gift card worth $100 when trading a smartphone. U.S. Cellular eyes at better life to the customers and improved business.

LG V20: Features to impress?

The Verizon LG V20 is already in hands have a brief look at the phone. Advanced image stabilization feature of camera and the High quality sound recording asserts it ideal for audiophiles and video production and distribution.

LG V20 Specifications

  1. Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback for playing music
  2. Dual camera, 16 MP and 8 MP sensors respectively but have the same old 5 MP front camera. Optical Image Stabilization is an asset.
  3. 7-inch Quad HD IPS display
  4. Android 7.0 Nougat OS
  5. 3200 mAh removable battery
  6. Fingerprint sensor on backcover
  7. Backcover is made up of the same material used in making Yatch (strong Aluminum 6013).

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