7 Best Halloween Costumes For Men In 2016

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7 Best Halloween Costumes For Men In 2016: Costumes are most important aspect of Halloween. The day is special when dressing up weird is not mind at all. There are costumes inspired from TV, Film or superheros, Gaming characters, Pirates and suicide squad to name a few.

Read on to know the best petrifying Halloween costume ideas 2016 for cool men.

7 Best Halloween Costumes For Men In 2016

  1. Zombies- Zombies are the popular creepy characters and ideally manage an image changer for a goody-goody guy. The costume and mask for horror clown, zombie and demon are easily available starting at very less. You just need to take time out of your busy schedule and go to local market. Zombie costume is available with any costume stylist.
  2. Old sheet top ghost costume- This is the old one yet a Savior as one of the best last minute costume ideas for guys. Get the plain white sheet and make two round holes for eyes. Your cheapest Halloween costume is ready. Wear the sheet. Position eye holes where your eyes are.
  3. Silver werewolf costume- Time to recreate the Red Riding Hood story. One of the scariest men’s Halloween costumes ideas is bring that werewolf who ate Red Riding Hood out of the story book. The costume is furry and ferocious. Silver werewolf costume can be purchased online too.
  4. Scarecrow Costume- Transform into a scarecrow for this Halloween. Men’s Halloween costumes ideas have many shades. Don an oversized rugged top with sewn patches and hay trims on neck & sleeves, dark brown burlap pants having faux straw peeking out of it, rope belt on waist and near ankles. Complete the look with pointed scarecrow hat. You can shop the look online.
  5. Adult Pregnant Cheerleader Costume- This Cheerleader is the craziest of all the Halloween costumes ideas for adults for 2016. The best of the funny Halloween costume ideas is disguising men as pregnant cheerleader. The costume includes bodysuit with belly, red top and short pleated skirt, golden locks, and shiny pompom.
  6. Parade Matey Mascot Pirate Costume- The scary Parade Matey Mascot Pirate is one the age-old Halloween costumes ideas for adults. The costume includes large pirate’s hat, large buccaneer face chest piece, half eye mask and red pirate tunic with black trouser. Put on black long shoes.
  7. Minion- Finding a favourite cartoon character between the hoard of kids excites them. Try funny Halloween costume ideas for kids at Halloween Party. Minions are loved by all ages and getting look of it is simple. Team pair of blue denim with a full sleeve yellow sweatshirt and for the oversized goggles you can find it in market easily or can make it yourself.
    Take two jar lids; secure them with a medium wide black elastic band using glue to create your goggles.

Many men don’t ponder over it yet even the cleverly done last minute costume ideas for guys submit devilish look to them. The above costumes are scary but what a Halloween is without some frightening!

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