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How to Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Safely

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How to Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Safely: Previously, moving or transfer data from iPhone to Android or vice-versa was considered a hard nut to crack. But, with the advent of new applications on apple’s platform, it has become a piece of cake. Well famed as a new move to simplify the aspect of sharing information, the applications have created a smooth space for transfer. All thanks goes to Apple’s Move to iOS application that has been gaining instant attention. Also considering importance to professionals, it has become critical that they are able to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone safely, including rest of the data. If you don’t do the process cautiously it might lead to complete data loss.

Taking note of capability of this application, it is powered to connect one iPhone device to that of another through the assistance of direct Wi-Fi connection. Further to his, it allows for easy transferring of data to the new iPhone. We all know that changing information or feeding it again in the new mobile phone turns out to be quite a frustrating task. When it comes to transferring the database, it should be noted that pictures, videos, and graphics will only be transferred. If it is thought that the applications will also get transferred; then, a mobile user has to get disappointed a bit. With constant development in technology, Apple is aimed at adapting them for favourable results.

How to Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Safely

Let us have a look on step-wise process of transferring complete data transfer from Android to iPhone:

  1. Setup iPhone and access screen with title of “Apps and Data”.
  2. Tap over “Move Data from Android” selection.
  3. Open Google Play Store, find “Move to iOS” and download it.
  4. Click on the “Open” option after installation is complete.
  5. Further, tap over Continue tab on both devices (old and new iPhone).
  6. Click over Agree and then Next on the Android phone.
  7. After this, enter a 12 digit code exhibited over iPhone.
  8. On entering code, Android device gets linked to iPhone through Wi-Fi connection.

By under taking these steps, transfer of data becomes easier. Indeed, as the code gets verified, it will ask you to select options as to which data needs to be transferred. So, it is mandatory to select all the data that needs to be transferred from Android to iPhone. As the process of transfer gets completed, iPhone user is required to click over Continue Setting up iPhone and set up a login account. After logging into the accounts, the iPhone is ready to be surfed and enjoyed.

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