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8 Tips To Master Your Photography With The iPhone 7 Plus

8 Tips To Master Your Photography With The iPhone 7 Plus Posted On
Posted By Anshul Samaiyar

iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus have been around for quite some time now. iPhone has improved significantly at camera quality since the introduction of its first ever handset named iPhone 1st Generation.

The latest two smartphones by Apple feature 12-megapixel optical sensors, fast autofocus, Digital Camera color gamut, optical image stabilization (OIS) and many other improvements. In the case of iPhone 7 Plus there are two cameras, Portrait Mode (after latest iOS 10.1 updates), and allows two optical zoom lenses.

With all these features in hand, you can capture all your important moments using iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 without losing the details of them. You won’t regret, not bringing your DSLR over a lifetime trip, if you do have iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with you. Latest Apple handsets are as best as they could get and iPhone 7’s camera is the beast of all. You can use some great apps to capture good quality selfies on your iPhone. Here we are going to share with you the best 8 tips to master your photography with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Let us have a look at these tips that will make your photography skills even better and make your photos stand out.

8 Tips To Master Your Photography With The iPhone 7 Plus

Use New Portrait Mode

After latest up-gradation released by Apple, for iPhone 7 Plus a new Portrait Mode along with simulated bokeh feature has got added with other camera features. This portrait mode pops-out your face concentrating on facial features while blurring the background. When you launch camera application the portrait mode will be available there. Your smartphone will show you live depth preview of focused subject or person.

If you want to get the best results with this new feature of iPhone camera, I suggest you make as much distance as possible between subject and background. Because if the person or subject is standing too close to the background the effect won’t be that impressive.

Use Both Lenses For Different Focal Lengths

iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is further boosted with two lenses, a wide-angle 28 mm lens, and a special portrait 56 mm lens. With different focal length, you can create different stories. The 56 mm lens up-gradation could be used only as a zooming accessory but if you are an expert photographer you will see it as a way of giving new turns to your story. I suggest you to use 56 mm lens to capture images instead of 28 mm conventional lens as it will make you try new angles and move around your subject. This lens also helps you to capture good quality and distortion-less images even from long distance from the subject.

Use Optical Zoom

It is just difficult to insert a telephoto lens, in your extra slim handsets whether its iPhone or latest Google Pixel smartphones. But now Apple, Huawei, and HTC have found an alternative to accomplish the task fro optimized zooming. They have installed a second prime lens with different focal length in their latest smartphones.

In the case of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has used an extra 56 mm lens which is double in focal length as that of native 28 mm lens. This new additional feature provides 2x seamless optical zoom and which further extends the total zooming levels to 10x, using the digital zoom. Before shooting a video, make sure to lock to lock your lens to avoid noticeable flicker while zooming in or out and switching between both lenses. Now the question arises that how to lock lenses in iPhone 7 Plus? For doing that go to Settings > Photo & Camera > Record Video and lock the lens.

Don’t put your iPhone away in low light

Sometimes cameras take better pictures in low light and even some of my best memories are captured after the sun has set. Some pictures are just made to be taken in low light and look better in the dimmer situation than they might have looked in crisp lights. Before buying iPhone 7 Plus, I would have put my old smartphone aside but with new sensor m iPhone 7′ autofocus and faster aperture of f/1.8, iPhone 7 captures pictures as good as it could have done in the light.

Use The New Flash

iPhone 7 comes with a new quad-tone flash and can be very useful in the low-light situation. Even if the four LED light gives a limited advantage in illuminating the background but still compensates for warmer and colder ambient light, shooting actual skin tones.

Never Delete a Photo Again

In the old time, we tend to delete blurry and many of the raw photo for the sake of saving memory space. But in 10-15 years these blurry pictures could fill a new taste into your stories and the last thing you would want is regret losing those memories. Well, with iPhone 7 Plus’ latest 256 GB version, you don’t have to bother for space and moreover, you can utilize 200 GBs of iCloud Photo Library available only for $2.99/month. Google Photos also provides an app which can store all your pictures until and unless they are in a compressed format for uploading high-resolution images you need to pay. Moreover, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get a high-resolution Photo Library space through Amazon App.

Use RAW Mode

Professional photographers rarely capture their pictures in JPEG format rather they use RAW mode of the camera. In RAW mode camera captures and stores images, uncompressed, which carries more information. In this way, there are more possibilities in post-processing where images exposure, contrast, and white balance can be modified without losing the quality. The main disadvantage here in using RAW mode is that RAW image files take up more space as compared to JPEGs.

After iOS 10 upgrade in iPhone 7 Plus, it offers access to the RAW mode inside its camera. Obviously it doesn’t produce perfectly RAW images (rather DNG files) but still more possibilities are there. You can use many apps like ProCamera and Adobe Lightroom to edit RAW files and export them as JPEG or any format of your like.

Use Burst Mode

Always look ahead, while on a trip even if it’s all about capturing unexpected and unknowns. You need to be creative and prepared so you won’t miss a single moment as it’s happening. I suggest you use Burst Mode and with 256 GB version of iPhone 7 Plus, memory storage won’t be an issue. To activate Burst Mode, press and hold the shutter button until the rapid bursts begin.


 So this would be all for ‘8 Tips To Master Your Photography With The iPhone 7 Plus’ if you have any suggestions, please do leave comments in below section.

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