Comparison between Google pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus: which one to go for?

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After the Samsung’s Note 7 has skipped out of the stores Apple and Google have pulled their sleeves with their fabulous phones Apple’s iPhone 7 plus and Google’s Pixel XL. Both of these phones are superb options for super large smart phones. Both the phones have come up with new features and specifications and have done a great job in impressing and attracting their customers.

Apple’s new phone, look wise is much similar as the last year’s launches but has many better and new things. Such as it has got a new dual camera setup and is powered by A10 fusion processor. Though pricewise phone is quite expensive but it is considered as best phone till date by Apple.

Whereas in case of Google, they have made a great attempt to launch best of Android phones which will compete well with iPhone 7. Though it is also as big and expensive as iPhone it benefits the best features of Android along with some top shelf components which are also there in some of other Android flagship phones by different companies.

If you are considering buying a new phone for yourself and getting confused between these two then the following comparison will really help you.

Comparison between Google pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus: which one to go for?


With design, iPhone has not experimented much as the phone much more looks like its previous version. They just have offered two new colors that are a glossy jet black and a matte black. In this new upgrade the antenna line is removed from the back and also the physical home button is disappeared, instead of that there is a touch pad home button. Whereas in case of Pixel XL Google has done a great job. Though the phone much looks like iPhone it has got a finger print sensor at the back. Pixel has also offered some better colors but Apple being the origination it appeals more with design.

Screen and display

Well, if you compare screens of both the phones, Pixel has won the battle. Choosing Pixel Xl is a great benefit as it has got a Quad HD 2560×1440 screen with OLED panel. It’s an impressive screen which offers great and crisp view. It is considered as one of the best screens from this year. Both phone’s screens are of same size that is 5.5 inch but iPhone falls a bit in the head to head matchup. This is because it has got an LCD screen which is of 1920×1080 resolutions. This means iPhone has fewer pixels compared to Google Pixel XL.


Camera is the biggest criteria while choosing any phone. Apple has given their phone a DSLR type feels which will make your phone’s camera more professional. iPhone has got two 12 megapixel camera lenses. You can switch the focal points with a single tap and you also use the digital optical zoom.

In case of Pixel camera quality is not as at par as iPhone but the camera functioning is much better. Their HDR+ mode is one of the most brilliant things. It gives wonderful hues and colors. So overall it’s too close to take a call between the two.


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