Google just redesigned Gmail for iPhone

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There is a great news for the iOS users as Google has come up with its best ever version of Gmail. The best part about this version is it has made your Gmail using experience much faster than ever before. This is stated in the official statement by company. Google has come up with a completely transformed and new look for iOS.

The new changes include sleeker change in the result. This has made the Gmail app suddenly more proper, application as the prior clumsiness in the app is significantly reduced. This will surely make it much easier than using Gmail’s mobile phone website. Following are few interesting changes made in the App.

Google just redesigned Gmail for iPhone and made it way faster

Archive or Delete messages

In the previous days archiving or deleting messages was a bit clumsy and complicated with the Gmail app. Now you can swipe or archive the message just with one swipe. Here you can choose your preferences to take an action. This has made the operation smoother and easier as it is on Android.

Undo send

It is one of the biggest and greatest inventions by Google for their Gmail app. This has actually saved many of us from sending wrong emails by mistakenly. Undo send is one of the biggest features by Google which you can use to unsent the email sent by you. To use this new feature in your iPhone you just have to slide up from bottom as you send a wrong email. This gives you quick opportunities to take back your typos before they jump into your co-worker’s inbox and making fun of yourself.

Instant suggestion

This feature will really make your Gmail using experience much faster. The instant suggestion is helpful while using search as it suggests spellings. The spelling suggestions are really helpful as if you are misspelling a particular word Google will automatically suggest you the correct spelling and you also don’t need to type it all the way. This feature is especially helpful when you are doing multitasking.

Google calendar

Google calendar is one of the most helpful features especially for the working individual as they always run behind the deadlines and many other things. With this update Google has updated the calendar with month and week view with a landscape view. It also includes a spotlight search which also helps you in organizing and finding your appointments, reminders and goals.  But in case if you have an iPad then you will have to think for another option as this feature is not included by Google in their iPad version.

Along with all these advantages there are also some cons in this updates which will give a slight disappointment. Unfortunately even this version of Gmail update does not include a unified inbox. So this will not help you to view your personal and work accounts individually. Though this is one disadvantage, the overall picture about this new upgrade is good. As it has included many new and useful features which will make your Gmail using experience much better with your iPhone.


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