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Google Issues Supplemental Android Patch for Dirty COW Linux Security Hole

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Google Issues Supplemental Android Patch for Dirty COW Linux Security Hole: Dirty COW is a security vulnerability which affects the Linux operating system and helps to copy-on-write (COW) and uses all the data from the system including certain Android devices. A supplemental patch for Dirty COW Linux has been released by Google and is now being used by the hackers to control the Android devices. However, Google is working to fix the flaw and is yet to release the official “full fat” fix for the patch. This patch helps to tackle the security hole of the Linux operating system and at the same time also helps to find faster options to fix the vulnerability in the Android system instead of the Google patch for updates. The patch for Dirty COW has been reported in one of the Android devices and also for the Linux version.

Google Issues Supplemental Android Patch for Dirty COW Linux Security Hole

The other companies like Nexus, Samsung and Pixel have released the fix for Dirty COW but Google is still pending with the same. However, the full patch will be released in the December Android update for Security Bulletin. Google is working on three versions of the patches which are partial, complete and supplemental and have different uses. While the partial and the complete are self-explanatory the supplemental is the one to identify and repair the devices that contain issues which were disclosed publicly. The name Dirty COW works as the name suggests in a dirty manner. The memory which cannot otherwise be read can now be done by copy-on-write and can be used to gain full access to the Linux and Android devices. It is a fear as the amount of Linux and Android users are many and the data can be hacked easily to do unwanted usage.

How does it help?

The security hole is safeguarded by the traditional security software. The patch helps to gain access to different layers of Linux making hackers work easy and get into the details of the system. The attack looks legitimate and cannot be recognised by the antivirus. It makes it even difficult for the anti-hackers to work on them. However when the size of the binary is compared it can show if the attack is happening or not. But to stop the same the entire binary will need to be blocked else the attack cannot be stopped. In normal hacking, the actions can be blocked by the antivirus, but this is not possible in the DIRTY COW. All this shows that the DIRTY COW is not a dangerous security flaw but if used by the hackers can damage the system and the individual to a great extent.

Google is responsible for all the Android devices and makes the patches for all the shortfalls it encounters. While the DIRTY COW has been around for nearly a decade; the effect has now been seen with the hackers exploiting it. Google is taking drastic steps to go ahead and resolve this issue but recently it has been found that the DIRTY COW has affected hundreds of the apps listed on Google Play. This has triggered the alarm and the next update in slated to be in December.



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