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How to free space in Smartphone or Tablet

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Get your free space in smartphone or tablet

Have you ever been getting a message to free up space on your Android or Tablet? If yes, this article will help you to get your free space in the smartphone or tablet. First, you need to check the total amount of space your device has to make sure you are not pushing a lot to store unwanted data. Let us look at the five easiest ways to get some space on your device.

How to free space in Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Cached data

The cached data is available in the memory option and can be deleted without causing any harm to the current functionality. This is nothing but temporary files that have been created when you use any particular application and keep it running. The application needs to be closed entirely so that space is freed up. You can go ahead and free up space from any particular app by tapping on its settings or go to the main settings page and open the memory option to delete the entire cached data on your Android phone or tablet.

  1. Check for the most storage using apps

With the advancement in the technology world, you will find many apps being launched daily and being downloaded by the users. As these apps are being used in the high-end phones and the graphics and other user-friendly features will take space and you need to manage it tactfully. There are many apps available on Google Play Store where you can scan your phone or tablet and find out the maximum space that is being used by an application or any other data available on the device. This is a third party app and can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. There are many phones that have an inbuilt option as well which works wonders for you to manage the space on your device.

  1. Add extra storage

If your device has an inbuilt storage and can suffice your needs you may not need extra storage. But if this is not the case then buy an extra storage as per your requirements and store all the data on SD card memory. This will make the phone or Tablet faster as well. Some applications cannot be installed on the memory card but most of the apps can so make the most of it and get your free space in the smartphone or tablet.

  1. Cloud storage

This is not the cloud that we have in the skies, but a virtue storage space that is provided by many service providers along with Google. Here you can transfer all the data you have on your Android device or Tablet and use it whenever needed. But you will need an internet connection to access this feature so make sure you keep the data which is not of utmost importance and can be accessible at all times.

  1. Make your SD card as primary storage

These days almost everyone changes the phones frequently. This means most of us have the most updated phones and tablets. The Android Marshmallow has a feature where you can make your SD card as an internal storage by just formatting it. This is a great feature but the SD card will no longer be used for transferring to any other device unless the data is erased and reformatted again.

So make the most of these ways to go ahead and create space on your android phone or tablet.

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