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15 Hidden Features Of iPhone That You Should Know About

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15 Hidden Features Of iPhone That You Should Know About: For all iPhone lovers who have been waiting to know this. Here is a list of 15 hidden features of iPhone that you should know about. With the latest update, iOS has really tried to better itself with many features that can make daily usage very easy. These features are very effective in ensuring that you get a system which is a lot more user-friendly and can provide you easy in commuting. I am sure you must have missed them before. After knowing these iPhone hidden features, you will never want to forget them. If you are an iPhone fan like I am, then this can be enticing for you. iPhones have great features that anyone might miss to know.

15 Hidden Features Of iPhone That You Should Know About

  1. AlphaNumeric Password for better security:

iOS 9 has seen a very big leap in the security of the phone. With numeric and four digits password, it now offers users to use Alpha Numeric password to ensure that device can be more secured. With Alpha Numeric you can use both numbers as well as letters which provide you with unlimited possibilities.

      2. Custom iMessage replies for calls which you can’t answer:

There are times when you are busy with something and cannot take calls. But you don’t want to sound rude and want to inform your problem with the help of a text message to the person calling you. For such situation, iOS now allows you to create a custom message which you can send directly when you reject the call. This is a very good addition as now you do not have to depend on the basic 4-5 preloaded messages. We cannot deny the fact that there are more features of iOS one should be proud of.

       3. Rejects calls with remind me later alarm:

Again a feature which can help you a lot in replying to those who have called you when you were busy is this one. With this iOS feature you can ask your device you remind you of the calls that you misses. This option was there in the previous versions but in this one you can select when you want to be reminded.

       4.Create custom ringtones:

If you are bored with your current ring tone and want to create a ringtone of your choice then iOS now allows you to do so. With this option you can now have ringtone made from any of your favourite songs which are present in the iTunes or GarageBand. All you have to do is click on the ringtone option when you select a song and crop out a 30 sec clip of your liking. This feature is by far one of the best of the 15 hidden features of iPhone that you should know.

       5.Set custom vibrations for your iPhone:

Do you want to know who is calling without the need to look at the phone? Easy just assign them custom ringtones but what if you want to know who is calling when the phone is on vibrate? Well now iPhone allows you set custom vibrate tone for specific contact. This can give you a clear indication of who is calling without the need to even look at the phone.

      6.Click images when you are recording a video:

This is a very impressive addition which can ensure that you get the most out of your videos. Consider that you are shooting a video of a magical movement but at the same time, you feel that you would also like to click some images of the movement. Well not you do not have to stop your recording and return back to the camera, instead, all you have to do is click on the camera button next to the recording shutter and you will have your images. The images clicked over here are not as impressive as the ones in the camera but they can ensure that you have them nevertheless.

     7.Low power mode to save up on battery:

It can be a real problem if you have few hours to reach your house and the battery is just about to die. iPhone has added new feature in which you can stretch the battery of your phone to maximum time possible with the all new low power mode. In this mode only the most important features of your phone like calling, messaging, and mails works whereas all other background processes are not allowed to function. This new addition can be very impressive

      8.Save PDF to iBook:

Now with the new update you can save you PDF files directly to iBook. This can let you read those documents with all the impressive features which are offered by iBook. It can be a very good addition especially when you are reading a long document.

      9.Set Do Not Disturb mode:

If you are user of do not disturb mode then this is a very good feature for you. It can ensure that there are no distractions when you are working or want to get sound sleep without your phone constantly buzzing. You can activate the DND mode and can rest assured about the fact that you will not have to worry about anyone disturbing you.

      10.Delete Default application:

This is again a very important addition which can make your screen look a lot less clumsy. As we all know iPhone comes in with many preloaded application which before now were fixed it the phone. Now you have an option to remove the unwanted default applications so that you can free up space and make your display a lot more organised.

      11.Press the home button to unlock:

iOS is changing the way it behaves. If you have to unlock your phone then now you will have to press the home button. It will use your fingerprint but won’t unlock if it is not pressed. This is actually an optional feature and if you do not want it you can revert it.

       12.Change intensity of Flashlight:

Flashlight is one of the most used features of our iPhones. Now if you want to change the intensity of the flashlight then you have an option. All you will have to do is select if you want the light to be bright, medium or low.

       13.Swipe for camera:

Camera button which was symbolically present in the right corner of the phone is gone. Now to access the camera from the lock screen you will have to swipe left.

       14.Quick action widget:

Widgets have become a lot more useful with the new addition to iOS. On the home screen you can now deep press on any application and you can access the mini version of the application.

      15.Search in Phone:

One of the best updates to have ever rolled out is search in photos. In this one if you can actually tell your phone what you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for an image in which “Umbrella” is present then your phone will automatically analyse the content of the image and show the photos which have an umbrella in them.

I bet there cannot be anything as easy as the features work on iPhones. These are undoubtedly 15 hidden features of iPhone that you should know about. Flaunt the features and grab more attention. iPhone features have always blown people’s mind and these 15 features will definitely be the icing on the cake.

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