Comparison Between Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20

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Comparison Between Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20: Android vs. iOS has been one battle which just doesn’t settle even after so many years. With every flagship device based on both OSs, the war is escalating to its peak. Currently, the situation is same. We have already done a spec comparison between Google Pixel XL VS iPhone 7 Plus: Which one is better? Now a lot of smartphone geeks are curious to know the comparison between Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG V20.

The dilemma is for the people who are iPhone fans but are willing to switch to LG v20 for many reasons. On the other hand, LG consumers are pondering over the thought to buy iPhone 7 Plus. It shows the tough fight between the two brands. The competition is indeed healthy as anything that is competitive is quality. Comparison Between Apple iPhone 7 Plus and LG V20 is a comparison between two best handsets of current time from each brand.


Comparison Between Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20

Here is a detailed comparison of iPhone 7 Plus vs LG V20 specifications, which can let you know who is winning the battle:

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20:: Camera

The camera is something which both the phones are claiming to be their number one feature. Both of them have made a very considerable advancement over their predecessors. This is the best way we can start of this comparison. iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera in the back with 12MP.  Capture the perfect snap every time. On the other hand, LG V20 has a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. This number is equally good and can give you rich detailed feature.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20:: Display

This is another very important feature which is very important in this battle to the supremacy. In terms of the screen size, LG V20 is slightly bigger than iPhone. V20 has a 5.7-inch screen whereas iPhone 7 has a 5.5-inch screen. Both the devices have LED backlit IPS LCD display which can provide you detailed high definition display. In terms of the resolution, V20 is a lot better than iPhone with 1440 x 2560 pixels compared with iPhone has 1080×1920 display. The only thing that sets iPhone apart is the fact that it has a waterproof display. This is a very important feature which can ensure that you get the best results even in rain. It can also make photography a lot simpler and can ensure that you get the result desired.

Apple iPhone 7 plus vs LG v20 is the new battle and there has been a neck to neck competition between the two brands.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20:: Processor

iPhone uses its Apple A10 Fusion chipset which is one of the best that has come from apple. Along with this, there is a CPU of quad core 2.23 GHz which can carry out every task in an effective manner. As Apple configures the hardware for their products, the end result is very good and can provide you a very good result. On the other hand, LG V20 runs on Snapdragon 820 processor which is a quad core and consists of 2×2.15 Ghz Kry0 and 2×1.6 GHz Kryo. This is also one of the best processors in the world which claims that all the high-end tasks complete without any lag. Graphically also both the phones are nicely powered with iPhone having a six core graphics processor and v20 having an Adreno 530 graphic processor.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20:: RAM and Memory

RAM is also one of the most important features which can set these phones apart. iPhone 7 plus comes with 3GB RAM with 32/128/256 GB internal storage options whereas LG v20 has 4GB RAM with 32/64GB internal memory. V20 has expandable memory whereas iPhone does not. In term of battery, iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 2,900 mAh capacity whereas LG V20 has a 3,200 mAh removable battery.

This link can give you a better understanding by watching below video:

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs. LG V20:: Verdict

In terms of the specification, LG V20 is better loaded phone out of two. However, iPhone is one device which can deliver excellence in reality. Apple never loads the phone with the high specification but the use the available resources promise very well to ensure that you get optimum use.

Both the phones are quite good and it is up to you which give you more in terms of your expectations. If you like the article on the comparison of the two phones, don’t forget to like, share or comment.

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