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12 Fantastic iPad And iPhone Games You Need To Play Right Now

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12 Fantastic iPad And iPhone Games You Need To Play Right Now: Who doesn’t like games? Well, everyone! They are the best things one can have when in boredom. Games rejuvenate mind too. Android and iOS are the two platforms which have an enormous number of games for the game lovers. The world is playing and so should you. I am talking about the 12 fantastic iPad and iPhone games you need to play right now.

If you are not, you are definitely losing on great entertainment.

12 Fantastic iPad And iPhone Games You Need To Play Right Now

Here’s a list of the 12 fantastic iPad and iPhone games you need to play now

  1. Hitman Go

Hitman games are very famous for their unending gameplay. Hitman Go offers you a tight little puzzle to ensure that you get a tight, smart and well-designed puzzle. The game offers a very good user interface which can ensure that game is well planned.

  1. Downwell

The second in the list is Downwell. This is yet another interesting game which can provide you entertainment than you ask for. In the game, you will have to jump down a well with guns and then go from level to level killing enemies. A must have game for all.

  1. Drop 7

If you are looking for something that doesn’t consume time, then this is it. In the game, the number will be falling on the 7×7 grid and you will have to get rid of them by matching them horizontally or vertically.

  1. Device 6

This has to be one of the most unique, mysterious and elegant games to be made on the touchscreen. It does involve a lot of reading. You can call it text adventure too.

  1. 80 Days

80 days is a unique yet very entertaining game. It will ask you to move a giant mechanized city with legs around the world. The game is an inspiration from the famous novel around the world in 80 days. The interface is really cool that anyone will fall for it.

  1. Three

Out of the 12 fantastic iPad and iPhone games you need to play right now, this is one. This one is a simple math puzzle which can be perfect for a short burst of gaming.

  1. Final Fantasy IX

The game is perfect for those who like to action. If entertainment is what you need, then go for it. It has one of the most interesting game plays.

  1. Alto’s Adventure

It is a beautiful snowboarding game which can provide you new challenges with unending game play. The beauty of the game and simple gameplay with good graphics is something which is attracting a lot of users.

  1. A Dark Room

This one is another great game which provides you with a unique gameplay. In this, you are in a cold and dark room where you have to get your fire going and then head out to get woods and other things.

  1. Ridiculous Fishing


A perfect fishing adventure which can provide you some of the best user interfaces. The game looks aesthetically brilliant with awesome graphics.

  1. Super Hexagon

An entertainment which will kill you in seconds is none other but Super Hexagon. It has a geomantic pattern of shapes which flow towards the center of the screen. You will have to find yourself a way to get out.

  1. Framed for murder

The game is very good for those who like good stories. In this, you will get the experience of espionage, twists, escapes and death-defying story which will entertain you to the fullest.

If anything that excites a person more in any phone is the games installed. For iOS, you do have the best games that can be one’s best friends even when in isolation. Your blue days get brighter with these fun filled games. So what are you waiting for? Go to the App store and download these 12 fantastic iPad and iPhone games.

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