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Philips Hue App- Now Support iPad And Features 3D Touch Widgets

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Philips Hue App- Now Support iPad And Features 3D Touch Widgets: Philips Hue is a personal wireless lighting system that aids you to create a fabulous Electronic House. The company has invented most of the lighting device categories from the basic original Hue LED smart bulbs, to the light strip and another lamp like things. Philips Hue app is used to control them.

Features of Hue Lights:

  • The Hue Lights are advanced Light alert systems which help the owners by giving signal alerts when integrated with a compatible smart home automation system. It can sense weather changes like rainfall, and when the garage door is open, in such cases it automatically alerts the owner.
  • The Hue Lights are wonderful night lights. Having the capacity to dim the light and change the colors according to the mood of the situation, it can help set the perfect mood inside the house.
  • The Framing Feature of the Hue Light strips is used for highlighting things like furniture, shelves, etc. By mounting the light strips behind a flat screen TV, it can give the effect of a home theater.
  • Hue Lights have the ability to change any color, but it is brightest when emitting white color rather than others.

How Hue Lights are controlled:

The Philips Hue Lights have the ability to be controlled remotely. Just by a touch of the phone one can switch on /off the light. A user can control the light effects in the house even if they’re anywhere in the world, the only thing required is an internet connection.

Philips Hue has now formed a coalition with Apple.  Apple Technology provides an easy and a secure way to control HomeKit enabled accessories from any of the iOS devices. The Philips Hue lights can be controlled using voice-control through Siri on the iPhone.

Philips Hue App:

There are a plethora of apps to control home lighting. However, what makes Philips Hue better is its overhauled design and innovative features. A significant feature of this app is even on iOS the app provides an ease-of-use.

Features of the App:

  • Ability to group lights of a room so that they can be operated as a single unit
  • Allows setting routines so that the On/Off feature is automated.
  • It can set up a timer. This allows the lights to automatically dim during nights and light up brighter during the day.
  • “Home and Away” mode automatically turns off when the owner is away and turns on when the owner returns home.
  • Ability to set scenes. The possibility of switching preset scenes is the highlight of this extraordinarily innovative app.

Philips Hue App- Now Support iPad And Features 3D Touch Widgets

iPhone users with 3D touch-enabled device, when pressing on the Hue app icon can get access to the widget options established in the app. This feature is particularly useful when users need to change scenes or activate macros, like turning room lights on/ off.

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