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SyntaxDB – A Search Engine To Quickly Look up Syntax For Any Programming Language

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SyntaxDB – A Search Engine To Quickly Look up Syntax For Any Programming Language: Google has the answer to everything but when it comes to the queries of new programmers, it fails miserably. In such cases, programmers have to look for their answers on Overflow, Quora, Stack or look for some good programming related online firms, which is not a very trustworthy way to resolve their queries. Asking for the solution on these websites leaves programmers to the mercy of other programmers, who will answer! and when will answer! Well, SyntaxDB has been launched to their rescue.

SyntaxDB is a perfect Programming Syntax search engine which is specially designed for programmers. It allows users to easily and quickly look for any syntax from any programming language.

SyntaxDB – A Search Engine To Quickly Look up Syntax For Any Programming Language

Anthony Nguyen, creator of SyntaxDB who is also a student at Queen’s University mentioned on his website that SyntaxDB’s goal is to become the world’s fastest programming reference. He also added that SyntaxDB is helpful for those coders who frequently use search engines to look for any query.

SyntaxDB seems more appealing with its clean interface and more relevant search results. The user needs to enter the name of the language or the concept he is interested in and SyntaxDB will show suggestions strictly related to the query. When you click on one of the suggested concepts, it will take you to a page containing a small definition of the concept and syntax.

According to Nguyen, the SyntaxDB search engine supports 9 languages – Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, and Go. They do have plans to add more languages to SyntaxDB. It also provides an option to integrate with DuckDuckGo, Slack, and Visual Studio Code to facilitate better search results. SyntaxDB also offers API for programmers so they can write their own integration.

Anthony Nguyen also revealed its future plans that include the expansion of its database to help more coders and write plugins for code editors. They are determined to make SyntaxDB, the Google of programmers.

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