4 Simple Steps to Recover Your Files from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive: Data is Undertaker! Yes, it can come back to life. You just need to have a reliable priest to bring the files back from dead. Yes, files do die because the drives they are put in get dead or erased if not attended well. Well, literally, you may take this. Okay, no more coded words.

We are talking about files on your hard drive. Simple, now? People use hard drives to store valuable information, but sometimes, they are not able to access their hard drives. Perhaps, they are damaged or erased. Normally, it becomes difficult (or almost impossible) for the users to extract those valuable files off the damaged drive. Then, is anything left on earth but to mourn, get depressed, have hypertension, blame yourself and suffer? Yes, a lot. Save this drama for future because you can recover the lost files, simply by using some recovery tools. A little time, some care and the right tools can help you get your lost data recovered. Further, we will discuss the 4 easy steps to bring the data back from dead.

4 Simple Steps to Recover Your Files from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive

Step 1: Check the hard drive’s condition

Look for the causes of your drive’s injuries. Does it look damaged from the outside? Are the pins broken or bent? If the hard drive is physically damaged, then it may require more drastic measures for the recovery. If you are fortunate enough to not find any physical damage on the drive, then proceed with getting the tools to connect the drive to your computer system.

Step 2: Assemble tools

Ideally, system users have USB cable or sled or USB drive enclosure. You can mount your damaged drive into the connecting tools and connect the drive to the computer.

Step 3: Get Recovery Software and connect the hard drive

Before you start ghostbusting, make sure you have antimalware and antivirus tools are up to date because you don’t know what notorious files your drive contains. Now, it is time to download and install the right data recovery tools.

For Windows- Recuva is the best data recovery software for Windows operating system and is available free of cost. It is a great tool if you only need to browse and restore the lost files.4 Simple Steps to Recover Your Files from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive

For Mac- File Salvage is for Mac and probably the best tool to pull files off a connected hard drive in OS X. The recovery software can recover any file on multiple partition types from corrupt media and damaged drives. The software costs about $80. Worth every penny.4 Simple Steps to Recover Your Files from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive

Always remember, do not work on the hard drive you want to recover your files from as you run the danger of intensifying any damage that the drive has.

Step 4: Call the professionals

Well, if the drive is badly damaged, both from outside and inside, has been overwritten or wiped off completely and nothing else you try works on your drive, then it’s time to call the professionals if you really, badly, truly need your data.

Always make sure that you have a backed up data, both online and locally to save yourself from such an ordeal.

I hope our guide to ‘4 Simple Steps to Recover Your Files from Damaged or Erased Hard Drive’ helped you. If you still any query then please share it in the comment section below. 

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