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Using Best SEO Forums to Increase Website Traffic: A Complete Guide

Using Best SEO Forums to Increase Website Traffic: A Complete Guide Posted On
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Using Best SEO Forums to Increase Website Traffic: A Complete Guide- Organizations dream of having highly popular websites. Bloggers dream of having high traffic on their blogs. But dreaming about something won’t get you there. You must act. Although there is no rocket science to building up your website traffic, linking your blog or website with SEO forums can be useful. This may initiate huge website traffic, provided you do it briskly. So how do these forums do that!

What SEO Forums Do?

Did you know that a forum is an online community? People look for information and discuss topics of interest. People can join forums to share their experience or demonstrate knowledge and build their own followings within the digital community. The members of the community help in getting the word out of business, products and services. This propagates like the ripple effect, generating bets quality backlinks. This in turn increase website traffic tremendously.

Linking to SEO forums is not enough. Play smart. Either by participating in a knowledgeable conversation or by solving problems of others or raising awareness, you can build stronger contacts which may include other digital marketing experts, helping you to increase website traffic manifolds. Your next question will be, which forums are best to increase the traffic?

Here is the list of 10 Best SEO Forums to follow

This table brings you the 10 best SEO forums on the internet with usage and community strength tabs, that help to boost your traffic:

SEO Forum

Usage Pagerank # Community Strength


Quora Free 1 Over 10 Million Ask questions and give answers, famous people involved
Warrior Forum Free 4 Over 1 Million Threads in SEO section, E-marketing, E-commerce, Social Media etc.
Google WebMaster Central Help Free 7 Over 275,000 Post appears in SERP. Post with URL Shortener, Google employees answer questions.
SEO Chat Free 5 Over 200,000 Informative posts, Appear in SERP.
The Webmaster Forum Free 4 Over 127,000 SEO strategies discussion, also discusses HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.
Search Engine Watch Free 4 Over 262,000 Informative threads, can send direct messages
SEO Forums Free 5 Over 95000 Improved SEO abilities
Cre8asiteforums Free 4 Knowledge sharing on SEO techniques
Affiliorama SEO Free 5 Over 365,000 Free learning about affiliate marketing, PPC, keyword research, backlinking
Digital Point Free 5 Over 700,000 Topics like Web marketing, design, buying, selling etc. discussed

More SEO Forums

Here’s a list of other SEO forums which will be very helpful in understanding SEO and driving insane traffic to your blog:

  1. Reddit SEO
  2. Inbound
  3. SEO Round Table
  4. Moz Q & A
  5. Web Developer
  6. Webmasterworld
  7. Sitepoint
  8. Threadwatch
  9. Marketing Profs
  10. Submit Express
  11. Site Owners
  12. SEO Mastering
  13. Stack Exchange
  14. Wicked Fire
  15. Dream Team Money

Dos and Don’ts of using SEO forums to increase website traffic

  1. Actively participate. Post regularly to build trust among community members.
  2. Say good to everyone. If you can’t say anything good, better be quiet and observe community.
  3. Share your own story if you disagree with someone. This will make you more convincing.
  4. Never spam a forum or else moderators can kick you out of their community or block your IP address.
  5. Create postings for many forums. This will help your customers find you easily and will strengthen their trust on you.

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I hope our guide to using SEO Forums to increase website traffic was helpful if you still have any doubts then share with us in the comment section. 

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