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50 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

50 Most Useful Websites on The Internet Posted On
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Here we are giving you the list of 50 most useful websites on the internet that you might not know about. The Internet is full of information, some part is useful and some is useless. A huge number of web pages never come out in your search results, when you look for some information on Google or any search engine. It is because they are not developed or written to rank for search engines but may contain some useful stuff.

Few of them might interest to user specific and solve one special purpose really well. Most of them are easy to remember and might come out handy someday.

50 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

So here is the list of 50 most useful websites on the internet that will be helpful to improve your productivity:

  1. One of the best platform if you are looking to learn something new at random.
  2. The most useful and educational web pages on the internet, regularly updated.
  3. Useful tool to practice touch typing.
  4. Tool to create your own comic strips. Warning: Very addictive.
  5. If updated version of a software isn’t working properly on your device then you can look for the older version of the same in here.
  6. Download all free software you want at the same time.
  7. Great tool to find something random to watch on Netflix.
  8. Make the budget of your money and pay bills like never before.
  9. Get a self-destructing email address without registration that will vanish after 10-minutes of use.
  10. Solves any kind of math problem quickly from basic to chemical equations. It can also provide you the steps to solve the problem but for that, you need to upgrade your account.
  11. A wonderfully profane meal suggestion generator. Warning: NSFW.
  12. When you need a whole new identity with every detail you might need.
  13. Ever wondered, how did this weird word come into existence! This website keeps the history and derivation of every word.
  14. This website gives you an interactive perspective on the size of the universe.
  15. If you are looking for the best movie to watch right now, then this is where you go.
  16. Find complementary color palettes, easy and quick.
  17. This website and app help to figure out any font, something has, when you upload its picture.
  18. – Crash on someone’s couch anywhere in the world and meet new people during your next trip.
  19. Great tool for finding words or phrases you are obsessed to use while writing.
  20. Find out all the harmful applications on your PC that you should remove immediately.
  21. Search for public places to visit that are not crowded.
  22. Find someplace to drink a pint in the sun.
  23. Daily links to enlighten and educate you. Warning: NSFW language.
  24. A great platform to look for your next new home easily.
  25. A search engine that doesn’t track or monitor you everywhere and every time.
  26. Make any web page print friendly.
  27. Have emails sent to your loved ones when you die.
  28. Find out how read-friendly a text is.
  29. If you are a traveler then it’s an amazing tool to plan your trip route with the best lodging and attractions.
  30. A network of people giving away free stuff in their towns.
  31. Unique way of searching flights based on price, date, and budget- even when you have not decided where you want to go.
  32. Best tool to write a self-destructing note after they read it.
  33. Your guide to intelligent giving by evaluating various charities.
  34. General but useful tool to look for your I.P. address.
  35. Searches for the homes or apartments that can fit your criteria.
  36. If you want to print a webpage then this is the best tool to do that.
  37. Using this tool website you can print a precise piece of information from any web page.
  38. Search the best dish/food to cook, based on the ingredients you have.
  39. Direct links to the most popular news headlines.
  40. You knew, that there was a search engine specifically designed for finding people.
  41. Link aggregator.
  42. A computational knowledge search engine.
  43. Keeps a track of price for any product.
  44. Follow satellites and constellations.
  45. Best platform to listen to radio channels across the country.
  46. – Listen to the soothing white noise.
  47. – Peek in on somebody’s computer screen.
  48. – Find out the best way to glue this to that.
  49. This site helps you read faster, comprehend more, so you can save time and be more productive in life.
  50. – Send video email.

I hope this list of ’50 Most Useful Websites on The Internet’ proves helpful in some way. If you want to add some of your favourite productive sites to above list then do share in comment section below!

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