10 WhatsApp Hacks You Need to Master Now

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10 WhatsApp Hacks You Need to Master Now: People say you can’t live without love, I think WhatsApp is more important. Don’t you feel asphyxiating when you are not on your mobile data? WhatsApp has truly become an indispensable part of our lives; important, needed and unique. We use it, still, we don’t use it fully. Because we have not explored much yet. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to using WhatsApp. But still, there are many hidden features of WhatsApp that you may have never used before. Today we will tell you 10 WhatsApp hacks or tricks that will make chatting more fun and meaningful.

Let us know more about this amazing mobile application and make our life much easier. Thank me later!

10 WhatsApp Hacks You Need to Master Now

Hack #1

You can bold, italicize and strikethrough your text. Use (*) to at the start and the end of the word you want to bold. Similarly, add (_) before and after the word to italicize it and strike a word by using (~).

Hack #2

Star a message. Now you don’t need to scroll down your message thread to find a piece of information sent to you two months ago. You can save any WhatsApp message by star-r-ing it. Star it now, find it later. Android users can retrieve the message by going to star messages icon in the menu. iOS users can tap on star tab on the bottom of the screen.

Hack #3

Export Conversations if you are worried about losing your valuable data (chat history). Menu>More>Email Chat tabs will do the needful for the android users. iPhone users can tap on contact at the top of the screen, go to the contact info page, scroll to the bottom and select export chat.

Hack #4

You can have no more blue ticks. This hack is Quid Pro Quo. You get what you give. If you uncheck the read receipts of the privacy tab, then you will not be able to see whether people have read your messages.

Hack #5

Trick the blue tick. You can read the messages without showing a blue tick to others. The trick is once you receive the message, put your phone on airplane mode (super easy). Now you can open the message, read it without even letting others know. You will get the blue tick once you are in online mode.

Hack #6

You can send a giant heart by sending the heart emoji without including anything (no text, no emoji) else.

Hack #7

If you are good at forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, then this one is for you. Schedule messages with the help of a third-party app, Seebye Scheduler ROOT (it comes for free for Android users) and schedule your message.

Hack #8

WhatsApp allows blind carbon copying where you can send out the same message to lots of people. Click on Options>New Broadcast and enter the name of the people you want to send the message to.

Hack #9

You can lock WhatsApp and secure your private conversations. Android users can use AppLock while iAppLock is for iOS users.


Customize your notification ringtones for different people on your contact list. Go to custom notifications and choose the ringtone you want. Simple.

These 10 WhatsApp hacks are easy to use and will surely enhance the user experience manifolds. If you liked the article then let your friends know about these tricks that you learned today.


Image Courtesies: Evening Standard, YouTube, Tekitricks

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