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How To Build Mobile App For Free Without Any Coding Knowledge

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How To Build Mobile App For Free Without Any Coding Knowledge: Creating a mobile application is not rocket science. Literally, I meant. You can create a mobile app with no coding knowledge. The internet is full of many tools and resources to guide you to become a pseudo-programming wizard by creating amazing mobile apps which you would have never even thought of creating. You can hand over your mobile app dream to a third-party designer, still giving a great deal of input to ensure that the final product is something you really wished for. So, if you do not know JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, don’t worry. Hybrid application development has enabled the creation of mobile apps without any prior programming knowledge.

How To Build Mobile App For Free Without Any Coding Knowledge

A fact check! It is not at all possible to create a mobile application without code. No. There are services which help the app developer create simple apps without much knowledge about coding. Let’s learn about them.


Get registered, sign up for a free account. One of the best platforms to create an app for free in few easy steps. Choose the template for the App appropriately. You need to match your idea with the looks. After all, you cannot go pink and flowery for a mobile app which talks about computers, hardware, machines, and robots. You have design and features tabs now, on your screen. Design tab takes care of layout, logo, background image and font, whereas features tab has a list of streams (like Facebook, Twitter etc.) which you can add to your app. Check the preview. Click ‘finish the app’ button once you are done.

Appy Pie

Sign up, get registered and start the magic. Magic (I mean, the mobile app) is created using three-step process.

  1. Enter a name and choose a category, based on which you will be shown some default splash and background images. These can be changed later.
  2. You can add pages, style your app and change the app navigation by using ‘Style and Navigation’ tab.
  3. Once you finish the modification, you can publish the app. A developer account is needed for publishing the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The service is in beta, still, it has vibrant look and feels which generally attracts the young users. As soon as you click on ‘create app’ button, an app preview comes in the middle of the page with different customization buttons on the sides. Select a blank template and click on ‘start building’ tab.  You can drag and drop widgets (texts, images, gallery, videos etc.) on to the app.

You can edit the main screen and splash screen and add new screens. The new screens are added to the bottom of the mobile app. You can preview screen to emulate the mobile app. This software provides the features of the landscape and portraits viewing to your mobile app.

For all the above applications, there are different pricing plans which enable you to get add-on features like push notification, publishing to Google Play Store or Apple App Store etc.

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