Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries And How To Use This Feature: If knew about Live Stories option then you might have tried to use it on your device, nut failed! Why doesn’t Live Stream option doesn’t show up on your device? Well, because it was not available in most of the countries till now. Last year, Instagram launched the new Instagram feature called Live Stories in selected countries including US, Russia etc. The main advantage of Live Story is that it allows users to interact in real time. Now Live Video feature is being rolled out in all countries with its new Instagram update.

This amazing new feature is same as the Facebook Live video feature with one exception that on Instagram you won’t be able to keep the video on your timeline when you are done shooting. Whereas, Facebook do allow the option to keep the video on our timeline.

Live video feature received a great response from users and as it was a totally different way to interact with your followers or friends. With Live Stories option, the audience can directly interact with people, they follow. It also helps to engage more of your followers as the live videos will always show at the top of your feed.

Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries

The company announced the global release of Live Story on its official blog post saying: ‘Today we’re excited to share that live video on Instagram Stories – a new way to connect with your friends and followers right now – will be rolling out to our entire global community over the next week. From real-time makeup tutorials to live DJ sets, it’s been exciting to watch as the community shares new sides of their lives.’

Instagram Live is now available for all countries and everyone as part of Instagram version 10.0 and above.

UPDATE: If you didn’t notice yet then Instagram recently included a new feature in its app, using which you can directly share image or video from Instagram to WhatsApp by tapping on three dots at top right corner and selecting Share on WhatsApp.

How to Start and Use Instagram Live Stories Feature

Start a Live Video:

  1. Tap on the Your Story icon with your profile picture and plus(+) sign next to it, at the top of your Instagram Feed page. Or you can also tap the Camera icon at the bottom for Android devices and top left for iPhones.

    Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries And How To Use This Feature
    Click the Your Story profile photo to start an Instagram story.
  2. This will take you to a page offering three options- Live, Normal, Boomerang. Swipe right to reach to the Live option.

    Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries And How To Use This Feature
    Slide your finger to the Live option.
  3.  Before starting the live video you might want to take a look at your Story Settings for that tap on Settings wheel icon for iPhones or three dots for android devices. You can turn off commenting completely or customize as per your choice.

    Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries And How To Use This Feature
    Check your Instagram Story settings before you go live.


  4. Choose Live at the bottom of the screen then tap Start Live Video. All of your online followers will be notified when you start a live video.

    Instagram Live Is Now Available For All Countries And How To Use This Feature
    Tap the settings wheel to configure your Instagram Story settings.
  5. The number of viewers will appear on the top left of the screen and comments will be fed from the bottom. If you want to pin one of your own comments then post a comment, tap and hold the comment that you posted to pin it to the top so all the users will be able to see it.

    Click the X next to a person’s name to remove him or her from your Instagram Live broadcast.
  6. When you are done with shooting then press End in the top right corner and then tap to confirm.

    Tap the End button to end your Instagram Live broadcast.


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