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AT&T Is Rolling Out 5G Evolution With 1Gbps Speed in Austin and Indianapolis

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AT&T announced its plans for the initial rollout of 5G services in Austin and Indianapolis later this year. The announcement was made by the company officials at an event in San Fransisco. The telecom giant calls it the 5G Evolution and claims to provide 400Mbps (theoretical) peak download speed, which could further be boosted to 1Gbps with carrier aggregation. Well, that is just another theory and we can not trust until tested in real life.

AT&T Is Rolling Out 5G Evolution With 1Gbps Speed in Austin and Indianapolis

We can say that it is not a true 5G network, which is expected to hit 1Gbps but still it will be 40 times faster than any cellular network. As of now, there is no standard for 5G download speed which is why there is no 5G smartphone or device developed till now. AT&T calls its network “Indigo” or “AT&T Network 3.0” because the idea it is based on is to use software advancements to enhance existing hardware while reducing the up-gradation costs. The launch of 5G Evolution is one of the biggest announcement from AT&T after the shutdown of its 2G network.

Only new smartphones are coming with the chipsets capable of handling up to 600Mbps download speed including Snapdragon 820 and Exynos 8890. So AT&T subscribers might soon be able to enjoy the next generation high-speed internet. It is being called “the third generation of modern networking.”

It is also said that in addition to providing internet connectivity, Indigo features Big Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity and software-defined networking facilitations. That sounds great but we have to wait till other cellular carriers start taking initiatives in releasing their own 5G services.

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