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Faulty Batteries Lead to Fire Breakout at Samsung Battery Manufacturing Facility in China

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This Wednesday, a minor fire has broken out at the China-based SDI Corporation Limited of Samsung Group. The incident occurred because of various waste products and many faulty batteries, as reported from the local emergency service providers and the leading Korean company. The fire broke out accidentally at the affiliated factory of Samsung Electronics Group in the northern city of China named Tianjin and extinguished largely. However, according to the spokesperson of Samsung Group, there was no any significant influence or casualties to the overall operation of the entire plant.

Faulty Batteries Lead to Fire Breakout at Samsung Battery Manufacturing Facility in China

Fire incident took place just after a month Samsung Group revealed about irregularly sized batteries, as prime reasons to cause more than dozens of its Galaxy Note 7 device to catch fire. The company at that time also highlighted that batteries failed to fit properly inside the smartphone devices and they had many manufacturing problems from the second battery supplier. This blunder not only forced the South Korean company to recall approximately 2.5 million Smartphones, but also it resulted in the injury of few Galaxy Note 7 customers. Now, it appears that the South Korean Group is scaring because of its mistake.

Shin Yong-doo, a spokesperson at Samsung SDI has further reported that the fire incident not only had taken place on the Samsung Group’s production line but also in the part of the facility utilized for keeping waste materials, including many faulty batteries of phones and tablets. Even he said that majority of the factory areas are working in a normal way.

Reports of Local Department on Fire Broke Out

On the other side, the local fire department in Tianjin of China shared on its microblog that the fire broke out took place because of batteries present in the facility. According to the microblog post, lithium batteries were the materials, which caused a fire within the production workshop and few half of the finished products. Furthermore, Wuqing branch operating under Tianjin Fire Department also verified the fact highlighted in the aforementioned microblog post of Sina Weibo account. In addition, the department added that it had sent about 19 trucks and 110 firefighters to control the fire.

SDI of Samsung is now fully set to start with supplying of batteries for the upcoming flagship smartphone of Samsung Electronics Group i.e. Galaxy S8 during the beginning quarter of the year. Latest/upcoming model of S8 would replace the previous Galaxy Note 7, which suffered recall at the global level because of battery defects, as mentioned before.

Samsung Group revealed that last month, Ameperex Technology Limited and SDI were the two battery suppliers of Note 7, which caused failure in the product and leading to the bearing of $5.3 billion cost in the actual operating profit.

Samsung SDI is the battery manufacturing affiliate of the leading Samsung Electronics Group. It plays a major role in sourcing batteries in bulk amounts for various Smartphone devices and mobile devices for the company. In addition, it is one among the suppliers of a battery placed in Galaxy Note 7 and it is now preparing to supply batteries in bulk for upcoming Galaxy S8. Tianjin plant is a production center in China operated by SDI of Samsung and a major one for various small batteries installed in Smartphone devices.



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