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Strange But True: Nokia 3310 Is All Set To Be Re-launched At MWC 2017

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Strange But True: Nokia 3310 Is All Set To Be Re-launched At MWC 2017- The world has quietly moved from basic phones to the smartphones in a span of last 15 years. It has been a gradual transformation but we have moved on for sure. It might seem that we have completely forgotten about the basic phone but there is still something that Nokia and probably no other brand have been able to offer in any of the subsequent smartphones. If you have not yet guessed it, think about Nokia 3310 and its popularity.

Nokia 3310 was launched in the year 2000 but it was unbeatable for at least the next ten years. It was tough, strong and almost indestructible. It also came with a marathon battery life that made it the first choice for every mobile user.

Nokia may have discontinued it but you might be surprised to know that it is still available on some of the marketplaces including Amazon. This reflects the love and popularity that is associated with this legendary model.

If you have forgotten the specifications of Nokia 3310, here is a quick reminder. It has a simple clock, calculator and 4 preinstalled games including Space Impact, Snake II, Pairs II, and Bantumi.  You can also store a maximum of ten reminders on this basic model. It is worth mentioning here that the same Snake game with enriched graphics can be still found in some of the best smartphones including iPhone.

Explore Nokia 3310: The most loved phone in all new form

It may sound strange to some people but it is true that Nokia is all set to launch Nokia 3310 again with some modifications but not compromising on the key features that made it so popular. The all new Nokia 3310 will be available at a very affordable cost of €59.

In the modern era, it surely cannot qualify as the primary phone but it surely has the potential to be the best choice for your secondary phone. If we believe the leak that comes from Evan Blass is to be believed, Nokia 3310 will be re-launched in the forthcoming Mobile World Congress-2017.

This will not be the first time when Nokia is re-launching an old model in hope of repeating the same success. Nokia failed to compete with the other brands as the world shifted to smartphones. As a result, it lost its existence both in the market and in the hearts of the people. Nokia was eventually sold to Microsoft that has been trying all sorts of strategies to re-establish Nokia in the world market under the new tag. Re-launching old phone models seems to be one of those.

Nokia 3310 Is All Set To Be Re-launched At MWC 2017

Earlier, Microsoft re-launched Nokia 215 for $29 but without much success. It now remains to be seen that how much success can Nokia 3310 gain with its new and improved model. Currently, HMD Global holds the rights to sell phones under the brand name of Nokia. They have successfully launched the first ever android Nokia handset named as Nokia 6. Few other models including Nokia P1, Nokia 3, and Nokia Heart are expected to be launched at the same MWC 2017 event.

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