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Why Do Flight Attendants Ask You to Open The Window Shades During Take-Off and Landing

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When you travel on a plane the flight attendant will start the trip with a few important instructions. Then they will ask you to lift the window shades during take-off and landing, which sounds trivial every time. Isn’t it? Neither it is to wake-up passengers next to you or for a better world view or to prepare you for jolty landing moment. But opening and closing shades have a big safety significance.

Why Do Flight Attendants Ask You to Open The Window Shades During Take-Off and Landing

 It is not necessary that every airline will ask you to do but it is important. The flight attendants ask you to open the window shades because it helps them to see outside instead of depending on the pilot or co-pilot’s announcements for any emergency. According to US regulators, the flight should be evacuated within 90 seconds in case of an accident. So in any kind of mishappening, the cabin crew has only 90 seconds to evacuate the aircraft. If the flight attendant has the better real-time view off outside conditions, it makes possible to prepare passengers for evacuation and decide the best emergency door. Most of the accidents take place during take-off and landing so it makes the perfect sense to have those shades up. Raising window shades also helps passenger’s eyes to get adjusted to daylight.

Aviation Safety Officer, Saran Udayakumar said,“Passengers are curious; hence they are perfect extra eyes to see if something goes wrong out there. Usually, passengers report stuff right away.”“In case, of sudden emergencies, every second counts. Therefore if shades are open crew can easily see outside conditions to help them in planning the evacuation – which doors to use for evacuation.”

David Robinson, an Aeronautical Industry Profession explains,“If you’ve somewhat acclimatized to low light conditions before an unfortunate incident occurs, you’ll have a visual capacity which initially may exceed 1,000 times better compared to if you were suddenly plunged into the darkness and had 90 seconds to disembark from the aircraft”.

Raising window shades during take-off and landing is not the policy in all airlines but if your next flight attendant asks you to do so then you know it’s for your own good.

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