The New Nokia 3310 is Going to be Colorful, Sleek and Light

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The reports about the launch of Nokia 3310 started a new wave of speculations. People have shown huge interest in this phone. There were a lot of things that people were trying to guess. Some even thought that Nokia 3310 could be launched in all new form with Android. You must have also created an image of the new version of the legendary phone. Well, it is time to rest all your imaginations as we take you a step closer. VTECH brings us some insight on the features of revamped version of Nokia 3310.

We all expected some improvements in the old design of Nokia 3310 that was launched in 2000. The technology has taken some giants steps in all these years. All these factors are always going to play a crucial role in its design and features. The chip fabrication industry has moved from micro to nano. The size of the components has reduced without any degradation in performance. In fact, new components are faster and better. They are light, consumes less power and run faster.

Nokia 3310 Key Features and Specs

Let us discuss what we know about Nokia 3310 key features in detail:

Nokia 3310: Body and Colour

One of the main Nokia 3310 key features which made it so successful was its amazingly strong and robust body. Thus, the body is not going to change much. You will love the design even more in spite of no change, thanks to the attractive colors. The earlier model was available in the familiar gray, blue and ash. But, it is all bright with the new Nokia 3310. It will be available in exciting colors such as yellow, green and red. The new colors really give it a refreshing look without any change in the design.

Nokia 3310: Screen and Battery

The battery life was another remarkable feature of the original Nokia 3310. Modern smartphones come with the larger battery but still cannot last more than a day. Thus, the new Nokia 3310 will not be feature phone so that you can enjoy long battery life.

The display has also been crafted for longer battery life. The screen is going to be a touch better but nowhere close to new generation high-resolution displays. It will be a larger and better LCD display. Previously, it had a simple monochromatic display. This time it would be colorful display in low resolution. The screen size would be slightly larger than 84 x 84. The low-resolution screen would consume less power and thus help the battery to last longer.

Nokia 3310 will not be a Feature Phone

You must have guessed by now that it is not going to be an Android phone. It will be the same basic phone with basic functions of calling and texting. The mobile will feel lighter because of the advanced component that weighs less. Also, the phone will be comparatively sleek and compact. You will sure feel the difference when you will hold it in your hand.

We would remind our readers that the new Nokia 3310 will be launched during the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 starting from Feb 26. Nokia 5 and Nokia 8 will also be launched during the same event.

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