More insight on the processor and design of the all new Nokia 3310 before the official launch

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This year, Mobile World Congress has induced has special curiosity among the mobile lovers. Interestingly, it is not just about smartphones this time but also a very popular basic phone. Who would have ever thought that a basic phone would be launched again? We are not sure whether it will be able to replicate the same success but the idea has surely become popular. Everybody is curious to know what it is going to be like. The leaks are continuously coming about the features that we can expect in the new Nokia 3310. We further have some more interesting insight on the features.

We all thought that the current era is all about the better and faster smartphones but Nokia thinks otherwise. The think heads of Nokia surely thought that there is still some scope for a legendary phone like Nokia 3310. We would like to inform you that Nokia 3310 is the same basic phone that was unbeatable for a long time. It was initially launched in 2000 and maintained a firm grip on the users for the next 8-10 years. You can still find a few used models on sale at different online websites such as Amazon.

Nokia 3310 to be launched with series 30+ processor

Evan Blass has been continuously helping us to unveil the design and specifications. According to his latest post in Twitter, the all new Nokia 3310 will be powered by series 30+ processor. We would like to tell our readers that it is a very powerful processor for a basic phone. It is actually an OS that is used in feature phones. In fact, one of the latest smartphones, Nokia 150 runs on the same series of the microprocessor. That would have surely given you some idea about the abilities of this processor.

Have fun with swappable faceplates

The original version of Nokia 3310 was not very colorful. Nokia has decided to cover this loophole, if you may call it so, this time. It will be available in some attractive colors including red and yellow. You will also have the faceplates that could be easily swapped. These swappable face plates were very popular among the Nokia 3310 users in that era. The only difference was that it was not available from Nokia but local manufacturers. This time, Nokia itself has provided the same.


You would enjoy a larger and colorful display

The screen has been enlarged too with more colors. The original Nokia 3310 had a monochromatic display but this time it would be colorful. You would not only enjoy better colors but more clarity and that too with a larger screen. In spite of the larger screen, you can expect it to be lighter in weight.

The new Nokia 3310 would be a mashup of old 3310 & new 150

We all expected that the design of the New Nokia 3310 would not change. But, the tweet by Evan Blass suggests that it would not be exactly like the original Nokia 3310. It will be a mix of the old Nokia 3310 and the new Nokia 150.


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